The ‘reboot’ of ‘Alone at home’ already has a trailer and pays tribute, shot by shot, to the original film

Three decades have passed, but there are things that do not change. ‘Finally Home Alone’ premieres November 12 on Disney +.

“The Christmas classics are there to change.” That is the phrase that accompanies Finally alone at home, the sequel to the famous Home alone which will premiere in Disney+ next November 12. The film comes with an entirely new cast, another naughty and resourceful boy as the lead, and a new pair of thieves who don’t quite know where they are getting into. But, in the end, there are things that do not change.

YouTube user Consequence has prepared a comparison between the advances of the two tapes, the current one and the one released in 1990, and the amount of similarities between them is astonishing. The company has known how to do a tribute to the Christmas classic and has found the perfect images to directly appeal to the nostalgia of those who grew up with Macaulay Culkin.

Here we leave the video for you to verify that the two videos are a copy.

This preview does not have to mean that the new film will be identical to the original frame by frame. Although some scenes will be reminiscent of the 90s movie, there are notable changes. For example, the robber couple consists of Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney. As well as introducing a female character, they seem to be much more endearing than the Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern version.

Another difference is the great nod to Buzz McCallister, the older brother of the protagonist who is brought back to life by Devin Ratray. Three decades later, he has become a police officer and has already left behind the troublesome child that he was – and that we all hate a little. Now he has come to do the opposite and face the criminals who stalk Max (Archie Yates), the poor creature who has been left alone at home this time.

In any case, it should not be forgotten that the main objective of Finally alone at home It is appealing to the new generations and, to be honest, the plot of Chris Columbus’s film is hard to beat. The franchise Home alone It consists of five deliveries – there will be six after the launch of Finally alone at home-, each of which has contributed new ideas and twists around the same situation. The important thing now is that the little ones in the house enjoy Max’s adventures and feel the same Christmas spirit that invaded us with Kevin.

Finally alone at home will be available on Disney + starting November 12.

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