The recreation of ‘The Squid Game’ sweeps YouTube: This is the real version of the series that made history on Netflix

Mr. Beast has already released the video he announced weeks ago: an ambitious project with 456 entrants and hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes. Tens of millions of views show that everyone wants to know who wins.

I’ve recreated every set of ‘The Squid Game’ in real life and any of these 456 people who survive the longest will win $ 456,000

This is how the world-renowned ‘youtuber’ Mr. Beast presents the video that is causing a real furor on YouTube since its publication on November 24. Just 48 hours later, recreation has over 54 million views, a figure that does not stop increasing and that has quickly made it number 1 in trends also on YouTube Spain.

A few weeks ago, the famous content creator made official his plans to recreate The Squid Game, a series of deadly survival games that it is impossible not to have heard of, since it has made history on Netflix: it is the most popular foreign language series, it has become the most watched new fiction of the entire trajectory of the platform and has managed to stay in the Top 1 for more than a month.

The result, as you can see in some of the small snapshots of the tweet with which Mr. Beast announced that the game was starting, could not have been more faithful. So much so that it would have made even Hwang Dong-hyuk himself proud, the South Korean filmmaker behind the hit Netflix series. As the ‘YouTuber’ promises at the beginning of the game, the sets that make up the recreation of the game have been carefully elaborated and reproduce the originals almost as if they were a mirror. In them, the 456 real contestants have faced all the iconic tests that made up the original game, with a single big change: The final test.

Just a few hours after being published on the YouTube channel, the expected real version of The Squid Game already had more than 4.7 million visits and hundreds of thousands of comments praising the great work of Mr. Beast.

A high-flying project in which he has had a budget of 3.5 million dollars and a major sponsorship: Brawl Stars by Supercell. The great investment has been the key to recreating the scenarios with absolute fidelity, as well as the main prize of $ 456,000 for the winner and the rest of the prizes that have been offered to the contestants in different stages of the game.

Throughout the process of recreating the game, Mr Beast has been sharing the progress and some images on his various social networks, even showing “regret” for the eggplant in which he had gotten himself and that “he could no longer stop” .

In Mr. Beast’s Squid Game, of course, no one has been in any danger. All the tests have been faithful to the game, but the recreational environment has prevailed above all and each and every one of the games has been carried out with great security measures making it impossible for any of the contestants to suffer any damage. As the tests progress, as in the Netflix series, the contestants are eliminated and the bunk room was even recreated to count in informing the accumulated jackpot to the survivors who could still continue competing.

Who has won? In what position has the 456 that won the game been in the series of the streaming platform? You can find out in the official Mr. Beast video.

El Rubius, creator of The Squid Game on Roblox

A similar initiative but in the form of virtual games was carried out by the most famous Spanish YouTuber in the world: El Rubius, who at the beginning of October set out to set up a massive squid game and succeeded.

“I want to mount a massive streamer tournament on The Squid Game and Roblox. “The prize would be quite large, since all streamers who decide to participate must give € 50 in subs to the winner of each game,” he advanced to his millions of followers. And the answer did not wait.

El Rubius invites his followers to participate in his own massive ‘Squid Game’

The El Rubius plan was to organize the same six tests of the survival game that the Netflix series proposed through the Roblox platform, a site where you can find games created by the users themselves so that the rest of the community members can play them.

Both are different initiatives, but they have something in common: How far does the power of The Squid Game, a series that already has the honor of having been the great television phenomenon of 2021.

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