The Redfall and the disc was a misunderstanding: Bethesda clarifies the controversy and makes it clear that the standard Xbox version will include it – Redfall

The controversy has hit Redfall these days, but at least it seems that the only problem with which it will coexist will be that of the permanent online even if you play solo. Yesterday it was announced that the title developed by Arkane was not going to include a disc in the standard version of Xbox. However, in the end that will not be the case because the information that appeared on the web was updated hours later to clarify everything.

As we read on the official Bethesda website, the physical version of the standard edition of Xbox yes it will bring disc. Those that will not include it will be both the Bite Back upgrade and the PC version. “The physical Xbox version of the standard edition of Redfall includes a Blu-Ray disc. The physical version for PC does not include a game disc. The Xbox Standard Edition is the only one that provides players with a physical disc of the game,” Bethesda notes.

In addition, from the official Bethesda Twitter account they have made it clear that it is a your mistake that has already been corrected:”Unclear information was shared of Redfall in the Bethesda Customer Service FAQ regarding Redfall; since then it has been corrected”, they say through the social network.

They have also offered more details about whether you want upgrade to a more ambitious edition in case you buy the standard version: “The Bite Back upgrade can be purchased separately. Inside the Bite Back Upgrade, you will find a code that grants you the Bite Back Upgrade in-game items. Owners of the physical version of Redfall for Xbox who wish to purchase the Bite Back upgrade They can do it digitally or in stores participants”, they clarify from Bethesda.

Redfall excites based on gameplays and news


It was a few weeks ago when the developers gave an interview and provided a multitude of exciting details. The same happened with the last 11-minute gameplay presented in the previous event. In addition, we can also check what the Bite Back edition contains, which will include more content to this interesting world. All this we can enjoy may 2.