The release of “Morbius” with Jared Leto further postponed

(ETX Daily Up) – Patience will be the watchword in 2022 for cinema. The film “Morbius” starring Jared Leto will not be released in January as planned. We will have to wait three more months to discover the adaptation of the famous comic book, once again postponed because of the health crisis.

Is Jared Leto cursed? His next film “Morbius” does not seem to escape the Covid-19 pandemic. Sony Pictures has once again had to resign itself to postponing the release date of this adaptation directed by Daniel Espinosa to March 30, 2022 (April 1 in the United States). Originally, the film about Spider-Man’s enemy should have been screened in theaters on January 26, 2022 in France and two days later in the United States.

A wait of three months which is added to the multiple changes of agenda which affected “Morbius”. The film’s release will be almost two years late in total. Sony Pictures had set July 10, 2020 for the release of the feature film worn by Jared Leto in the United States before postponing it for the first time to July 31 of the same year, then to March 19, 2021 before moving on to October 8 and then to January 21, 2022 and finally to January 28 of this year.

Incessant adventures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With the different waves of cases detected in the United States and recently with the explosion of the Omicron variant, the cinema has once again suffered the consequences of the health crisis.

In “Morbius”, Jared Leto plays Dr. Michael Morbius, suffering from a rare blood disease and trying to save other patients. His research will then transform him into a vampire.

Since the appearance of Covid-19, many shootings and releases have been turned upside down. Lately, it’s the fourth installment of “John Wick” with Keanu Reeves who also had to postpone its release.