The Re’percutantes meetings are getting under way, to give rhythm to this end of the year

the essential
Of wood, metal, skin or leather, it hits, it knocks, it vibrates. The drum is featured in Cahors thanks to the programming of the Musiques en Liberté association for its “Rencontres Re’Percutantes” festival.

From November 23 until December 18, this end of the year will be punctuated by appointments that promise to be “drum beating”! “This is the theme chosen this year to bring together audiences of all ages and all origins, around music and the transmission of speech. It is the call of the drums”, reveal the organizers of this new edition Rencontres Re’Percutantes, for which the objective is to introduce young and old to culture, and in particular to music.

Drum roll therefore to raise the curtain on the traveling documentary exhibition “Once upon a time the percussion”, produced by Gérard Grimal, through a research on 500 percussions of the world. Rich in sounds, shapes, their stories, this visual and sound presentation will delight visitors at the Grand Cahors Media Library until December 18.

A stroll in Cahors, Saturday morning

Then, on Saturday, we’ll be drumming! Since from the square of the town hall of Cahors to the Place de la Halle, street entertainment will wander in a percussive parade, memories of other times, where the drum sounded in our towns and countryside to announce the rural guard, the town crier. .and gather around him an audience. Everything will be played out with the help of the theater workshop of Esat de Boissor, from 11 am.

Drum roll, Saturday at 3 p.m. to open the conference devoted to “To the crossed looks on percussions”, it will be at the Médiathèque du Grand Cahors with Gérard Grimal, percussionist musician from Lot, fascinated by jazz as much as by world music.

Resonating as far as Soulomès, the percussions will rise on Saturday from La Granja “, first for a discovery course, followed by three shows, from 8:30 pm, with tamboo-bamboos. Instruments composed of bamboo pipes which will resound under the direction of Michel Le Meur, involving on his scores the pupils of CM2 of the Saint-Cernin-Les Pechs du Vers school.

The second part of the evening will see Txomin Dhers and Sergio Lamuerda take the stage to play the ancestral percussion of the Basque Country, the “Kimu Txalaparta”. Finally, Guilhem Boucher and company will take you to another register that of cowbells and DIY. The artists of La Granja will sing songs of plowing, hauling and other works of our campaigns.

From cinema to theater, between film and show

Also to see as part of this festival, Thursday December 9 at the Grand Palais, the film “A Greater World” by Fabienne Berthaud, with Cécile de France, on the borders of Mongolia. This screening will be followed by a meeting-debate with Louisa Vinciarelli, maker of so-called shamanic Native American drums.

The final of this 2021 edition will be dedicated to children, but adults will also be welcome to applaud on Friday December 10, at 6.30 pm, the show “The Princess with the Drum”, with the participation of CE2 classes from Pierre schools. Ségala and CM1 de Saint-Gabriel alongside the company Musiques en Liberté. Several school sessions will welcome nearly 1,400 schoolchildren from Grand Cahors.

This year, the association will once again have accompanied young and old on the music and culture trail in a joyful festival all in percussion!

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