The response of the creator of ‘The Squid Game’ to certain similarities that some have considered plagiarism

A comparison between the new series that is now sweeping Netflix and the movie ‘As the Gods Will’ has been circulating on social networks, but Hwang Dong-hyuk is clear: “I did it first.”

At this point in the movie, which The Squid Game is one of the phenomenon series that have made history on Netflix is ​​well known by all, although we will still have to wait to see if the trend continues and ends up becoming the most watched series on the streaming platform. Season 2 is also in doubt, since on the one hand the creator has admitted that simply the idea of ​​thinking about creating a new installment is exhausting, but also that the way to do it would be to have a team with which to share the creative functions . For its part, Netflix has already recognized that it is devising a way to find the right structure to carry it out.

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And while The Squid Game Whether or not it becomes the most watched Netflix series or renews or not for a second season, some of thousands of fans around the world continue to wonder what they have seen in its nine episodes, how certain tests could have been resolved and shelling details and possible theories. And also laying out some ideas on how the series could continue.

The Squid Game is being analyzed in such detail that One of the things that began to circulate on social networks shortly after its debut on Netflix was a comparison pointing out some similarities with a Japanese movie from 2014, As The Gods Will.

In addition to the comparison in a image in which frames of both titles face each other, those who consider it to be plagiarism have pointed out the similarities between the plots of the South Korean series and the Japanese film, since both have as their central axis survival games inspired by children’s games.

According to the description of As The Gods Will, in the film we are presented with “a young teenager who is seen together with the rest of his classmates immersed in a deadly game in which they run into all kinds of Japanese icons transformed into demonic figures that want to kill them such as dolls Daruma or some lethal and gigantic Pachinko cats “.

However, many, including Hwang Dong-hyuk himself, have pointed out an important detail: The creator of The Squid Game He started working on the series much earlier, specifically in 2008.

The story behind ‘The Squid Game’ and the real game that inspired the Netflix series

In fact, Hwang himself addressed the matter in a presentation on the occasion of the series premiere, as has been collected by various publications such as NME, Today O Yahoo. “It is true that the first game is similar, but after that there are no more similarities. I have worked on The Squid Game since 2008 and 2009 and by then he had determined that the first game was Red Light, Green Light “.

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Swang’s statements are firm and, in fact, after the first comparisons, no one has continued to insist that the Korean creator would have been inspired by the Japanese film. On the contrary. The story of how it took 12 years to bring forward the series that has Netflix subscribers crazy is going around the world.