The Rock and Tom Hiddleston become characters from ‘Dragon Ball Z’ in these images

A priori, it seems that they have nothing to do with Goku’s universe, but looking at the images it seems that they would have no problem fitting.

Dragon Ball It is a franchise that has accompanied different generations during its almost four decades of existence. If we leave aside exceptional cases such as Star WarsFew sagas are capable of uniting adults and children like Goku’s does, which since Akira Toriyama’s manga was published continues to excite in the same way.

Even with its most recent releases, as is the case with Dragon Ball Super. This new animation was released in 2015 to tell what happened after the Majin Boo Saga and was well received by the followers, who had not been new material in audiovisual format for a long time. However, it has also had its failures. Yes, we talk about the movie Dragonball Evolution, a feature film that more than one fan would like not to have seen.

In any case, Dragon Ball continues to generate a lot of interest and inspires artists of all kinds. BossLogic, known for making professional-style fanarts that turn Hollywood stars into any character, wanted to see what would happen if they made a movie or series of Dragon Ball Z, this time of flesh and blood. What actors would they sign for it? What would the aesthetics be like?

Para BossLogic, Dwayne Johnson I could fit into the role of Nappa and his inseparable companion, Kevin HartI would do Vegeta. The actors have already shot several films together, such as Jumanji: Next Level O A spy and a half, so putting them together on this project is a great idea.

He is not the only Hollywood actor who has been included in the franchise. He also wanted to see what Tom Hiddleston would look like if he gave life to Cell. “I was looking for someone perfect for Cell, Tom Hiddleston would be”writes the creator. Hiddleston is very familiar with the world of action and fantasy having been Loki at Marvel for the past ten years, but would he want to sign for another franchise?

A very interesting creation that, however, opens other questions: who would play Goku? In real life, Dylan O’Brien has volunteered to play him in case a new feature film is in the works. Which brings us to a second question: when are they going to give Akira Toriyama’s characters another cinematic chance?