The rock flights of the Toulouse group Damantra

the essential
Just released the new single “Keep On”, the Toulouse rock band Damantra is preparing to ignite the Bikini scene on Thursday January 26th.

Tomorrow Thursday is the Spirale Festival at the Ramonville Bikini. Among all the talents that will perform on stage, Damantra, a group of happy rockers formed in the Pink City, will make you tap your feet with their frantic rhythms. Between very anchored 70s rock and very energetic 90s sounds, it’s a whole time bubble that is preparing to burst.

“The group was formed on a dating site for musicians!” Laughs Virgile Jennevin, the 31-year-old guitarist. Mélanie Kneisky, the 27-year-old singer, and he come from Belfort, where they had already formed a group. Arrived to work at Airbus, it was in Toulouse that they wanted to create an ambitious collective ready to take off. Very quickly, their music allows them to multiply concerts at home but also in Nantes, Montpellier and Paris. “Up to 80 concerts since 2019!”, specifies Mélanie. And if we had to give references to understand their universe, let’s say that their songs are somewhere between Led Zeppelin and Blue Pills. Between mantras and rock tunes.

In 2020, Damantra released an EP “Jekyll and Hyde”, a title that refers to the duality of the collective: “when we are on stage everything is spontaneity while we are much calmer in everyone’s life. days”. Rock, forever a cathartic escape through the ages? “There is still a future for this style. When we share the stage with rappers or jazz fusion musicians, people stay to listen to us afterwards. When the music comes from the guts, everything is just an outlet .”

Thursday, they will share the stage with other Occitan nuggets like El Gato Negro, Jack Mallett, Mandarine, Antes & Madzes and Dan.

Thursday January 26 at 7:30 p.m. at the Bikini (rue Théodore-Monod), Ramonville-Saint-Agne. Prices: €13 and €17 (