The romance between Bill and Frank overcame censorship, but the last chapter of The Last of Us did suffer the cut of “that scene” in several countries

There are barely two chapters left to say goodbye to the first season of The Last of Us. The television series adaptation of Naughty Dog post apocalyptic drama has been a resounding success both with critics and audiences, but it has also featured in several of its parts with some commotion among very specific demographic sectors for giving visibility to LGTB characters. Despite this, censorship did not act with the program until this last episode.

Through Twitter, Mohamed Khairat has shared how one of the Left Behind moments was cut from the final cut on OSN+, a video-on-demand service that owns the rights to broadcast The Last of Us in various countries in the Middle East and North Africa. How can you expect, and here we enter spoilersthe deleted scene corresponds to the kiss between Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Riley (Storm Reid) seen at the end of the chapter.

The usual. From these countries they have already shown in Marvel Studios films, for example, their zero interest in letting these stories be broadcast as they were conceived in their original version. However, Khairat explains, what is unique about this case is that the episode of A long, long time, where the romance between Bill and Frank was narrated in full, it could be seen on the aforementioned platform without any cuts. Is there a distinction between gays and lesbians? As the colleagues comment of Espinof, perhaps the difference lies in the age of the characters, but at the moment no explanation has been shared.

The Last premieres at dawn from Sunday to Monday its eighth chapter that promises to be quite hard and have a very special cameo. Meanwhile, we invite you to read The review of the seventh episode of The Last of Us in 3D Games.