The sad scene from ‘New Amsterdam’ season 4 that the whole team hated shooting

The new installment has said goodbye until January 2022 on the other side of the pond with an episode that has put many of its protagonists to the limit.

Expected like no other in our country after the first installments reached Netflix and turned it into a revelation series for its subscribers, the fourth season of New Amsterdam It is not broadcast on the streaming platform, but it has brought its most loyal fans to Fox Spain. After its debut on the pay channel last October, the current installment of medical fiction still has episodes ahead of it, but on its original network on the other side of the pond, NBC, it has already been fired for a few weeks.

Has done it with the episode ‘Death is the Rule. Life is the Exception’ (4×10), issued on November 23. When does the fourth season of New Amsterdam after the winter break? It already has a date: January 4, 2022.

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As a good first “end” of the season, the episode that New Amsterdam fired last week on the other side of the pond was well loaded with intensity. On the one hand because it meant the final departure of Max (Ryan Eggold) and Helen (Freema Agyeman) to London with all that that meant for New Amsterdam, but also because the lives of several of their doctors were turned upside down in their role. more personal.

Even despite the flood of emotions that was condensed into just 40 minutes, the creator of the series, David Schulner, did not hesitate to point out after the broadcast of the episode that there was a specific moment that was especially hard for the entire team.

And no, it wasn’t Max and Helen’s departure, but the Heartbreaking breakup from Leyla Shinwari (Shiva Kalaiselvan) y Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery).

The moment came when, after having managed to keep it a secret for quite some time, Leyla discovered that his girlfriend had basically bought that she could do the Residency at the hospital through a considerable donation. Dr. Bloom justified herself by explaining that it was simply an investment in her partner’s professional career, but for Leyla it was too much. For her, her girl’s action meant that she was manipulating her life and they couldn’t stay together any longer.

According to Leyla, what was between them “was not love” and there was no going back. A scene that Schulner and his entire writing team hated doing like no other:

We hate doing it. We hate writing it. We hate shooting it.

That’s how blunt the ‘showrunner’ was in statements to TVLine. “We adore them together. But Bloom had to pay the consequences of having done something behind Leyla’s back and that was also morally questionable,” he assures about the reason behind his decision on the couple. “So we had to give Bloom what it deserved. None of us liked having to do it, but it’s what Bloom deserved, Unfortunately”.

Schulner had already anticipated previously, facing the premiere of the new installment, that the plots around Bloom in the fourth season would not exactly be a bed of roses: “His situation becomes much more complicated now. […] Some unexpected twists unite and separate them, simultaneously. So it’s a really incredible journey, “he said of the couple.

Is there a possibility for reconciliation? Schulner does not comment on that, for now, although the second half of the fourth season of New Amsterdam It will arrive with many answers, also about Max and Helen, in January 2022.