the saga of superheroes, the new phase of the manga by Akira Toriyama

The Tournament of Power may be over, but in the Dragon World there are still new adventures that Akira Toriyama is wanting to tell. In fact, after the battles of son goku Y Vegeta Across the galaxy, two new vigilante heroes have appeared on Earth overnight. Their names are just as ridiculous as their special poses: Saiyanman X-1 Y Saiyan X-2. Under his masks, the most mischievous characters of Dragon Ball: Trunks and Son Goten.

After the sagas of Galactic Patrol Prisoners and of Granola, the Survivorcompletely unpublished on television, arrives the seventh story arc from the manga Dragon Ball Super: the superhero saga (Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero). A new stage that in its initial bars breaks with what has been seen so far and inevitably reminds us of Gohan’s delirious first days of high school. Of course, with an added claim: for practical purposes it shows us everything that happened before the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. There is no stitch without thread here.

The new stage of Dragon Ball Super It starts moving away from the clichés that have surrounded the work itself since Goku stopped being a child. And despite the fact that the formula and the tone is not completely original, the set pieces leave the door open to new stories in which, perhaps, there is even room for romance. Yes indeed, Toriyama-style humorous romance.

In LifeExtra We’ve brought you together in one place everything you need to know about this new saga taking off from paper and, in the process, weighing the impact it will have on television, video games, and even beyond. Remembering that, despite the fact that the drawings are the work of toyotaro, the new plot and the script of each new published chapter bear the signature of Akira Toriyama himself. Starting with the key question. How can I follow the new adventure?

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How to read the new Dragon Ball manga

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After a long period of rest, since December 2022 the seventh story arc of Dragon Ball Super in the V-Jump on a monthly basis. Fortunately, it is possible to read in Spanish, legally and free of charge each new chapter through the Manga+ app and website, the official Shonen Jump portal.

Manga+ is not a subscription. The system is based on offering the first chapters and offering the newly published each week for free for a limited time, staying for at least a month and reminding us that it is possible to buy the manga and volumes of Dragon Ball Super if we want to have everything on paper.

In addition, there are works like One Piece, Naruto or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and, approximately the third Thursday of each month, a new chapter of Dragon Ball Super: the superhero saga. What are we going to find in it?

Dragon Ball Super: Rise of Superheroes

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Many years have passed since little Goku had adventures around the world. Now his passion and his sayan nature, a race of space warriors, have led him to battle the strongest fighters in the entire universe, making rivals, enemies and new friends after each battle. Reaching a power level that rivals that of the gods themselves.

The last one, by the way, very exceptional: when facing Granola, the last survivor Of the Ceresian race obsessed with exterminating the Saiyans, he discovered his father’s enormous will, inspiring him to excel once more. And despite this, Son Goku is fully aware that there are still more powerful beings and threats loose in the universe.

Although Dragon Ball Super: The Saga of Superheroes It starts with a small recap of what happened by Goku and his rival Vegeta, who train on the planet of the God of Destruction. We soon see that the real protagonists are his children: They are Goten and Trunks respectively.

Of course, they are no longer two brats with enormous power: now they are teenagers with all the good and bad that this entails.

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The two young half-saiyans they are completely obsessed with superheroes. So much so that as Son Gohan did in his high school days, Goten’s older brother, they have decided to fight crime on their own with their own disguises without telling their families. His nom de guerre: as it reads on his belt, Trunks is Saiyaman X-1 and Son Goten is Saiyaman X-2. Why that order? Well, maybe because Trunks is a year older. Although they themselves admit that they are not very original.

As Marvel superheroes, Trunks and Goten must juggle their responsibilities as students at the Blue Hal High School and his hobbies for video games and movies with his commitment to justice during his free time, although one more element of distraction must be added to Vegeta’s son: drink the winds for Mai, of the Pilaf band, who currently work helping at the Capsule Corporation.

Coincidence or not, while they get the hang of being superheroes they will run into the son of one of Son Goku’s greatest sworn enemies: Dr. Hedo, the son of Dr. Guero, has settled on Butterfly Mountain creating his own mini army of androids. At the moment his plans do not seem to be too pretentious, but that does not mean that it is not a scientist capable of creating real threats.

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When does this new Dragon Ball arc take place?

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Within the Dragon Ball timeline, the superhero saga It takes place during a time that has never been explored in any medium until now, which makes it very interesting.

  • We know that its events are after the saga of Granola, the Survivor, and between the years 782 and 783 of the Dragon World, which is approximately eight years after the battle against Majin Bu.
  • Also, the story begins approximately four months before the events of the film. Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroserving as a presentation to one of its antagonists: Dr. Hedo.
  • Finally, thanks that we know that Pan, Goku’s granddaughter, is three years old in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroit is also possible to locate that within the official continuity there is approximately a year of margin between what is going to be told in this saga and the Martial Arts Tournament in which the manga and anime of Dragon Ball Z.

From here several things can happen, including that the story leads to the events of D’s movieDragon Ball Super: Super Hero and see it on paper. And even that the following arcs continue from there.

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In any case, and despite the fact that Dragon Ball Super both the movies and the anime series and the manga have taken different directions when it comes to showing the same events, Akira Toriyama has been directly involved in all of them, the creator of Dragon Ball, as creator and writer. So each medium works independently but, despite the contradictions, all are canon within their format.

And, despite this, it is in the manga of Dragon Ball Super, drawn by Toyotaro, where Toriyama has greater creative control over events.

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What can we expect for the future of the superhero saga

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At editorial level, the superhero saga starts as chapter 88 in the monthly publication of Dragon Ball Super in V-Jump, forming part of what will end up being Volume 20. And although his jump to television has not been announced, it would not be surprising if Toei Animation announced the return of Goku and his friends to television .

In fact, in a way, the same steps are being taken as after the premiere of Dragonballz the battle of the gods and everything that came after.

As we mentioned, we know that the events of this new saga will end up deriving in one way or another, and very possibly with changes, in what is shown during the film. Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroin which the young Trunks and Goten already appear as secondary characters, and the same is the case with their parents.

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In any case, it seems that the tendency is to leave aside the usual formula and the dynamics of the series in which Goku and Vegeta are omnipresent and become stronger and stronger and seek to contribute new stories, a little more humor and even a generational change in terms of leadership. Something that, by the way, was already tried during Son Gohan’s high school days.

What we do take for granted is that Bandai Namco will not miss the opportunity to include the new events, the characters created for the occasion and even the costumes of Saiyaman X-1 and Saiyaman X-2 to produce new merchandising, collectibles and, of course, supposed content for video games like Dragon Ball Legends or Xenoverse 2. With a bit of luck, even new video games.

Having said that, the only certainty that lies ahead is the leap of Sandland, Akira Toriyama’s one-volume work, from paper to animation and beyond. Because there is not a year that Bandai Namco does not commit to the legacy of the creator of dragonball.

In any case, the fact that there is a change of record and a generational change of prominence in Dragon Ball is not bad. it’s just different. And that the mischievous Goten and Trunks take the reins guarantee two things: humor and outlandish special attacks more or less improvised, capable of unleashing the best of Toriyama.

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