The science fiction series for which Travis Fimmel broke his promise not to return to television and ended up canceled ahead of schedule

The protagonist of ‘Vikings’ joined Ridley Scott to star in this fantastic fiction.

Travis Fimmel He assured that he did not want to return to television after having become the mythical Ragnar of Vikingsbut couldn’t help set aside Norse mythology to delve into the world of science fiction that Ridley Scott had created in Raised by Wolves. The series was released in September 2020 by HBO Max and was renewed for a second season that its loyal fans were looking forward to, fiction became the subject of one of the most famous cancellations of 2022.

Raised By Wolves is set in a world destroyed by Necromancers and tells the story of Father and Mother, some androids whose main mission is to raise human children on an unknown planet. For this they must create a new civilization with science as the main branch of knowledge. However, only one child survives, which will cause other people of a particular religion to try to get him. A science fiction drama with religious overtones that has an addictive aesthetic of its own.

As we say, Raised by Wolves was born from the mind of Ridley Scott, the same one who created Blade Runner Y Alien, the eighth passenger. And if the filmmaker has influenced all subsequent science fiction cinema, without a doubt his brand is also present in this fiction. “Of these two films, the synthetics are taken for the series. It is one of the things that, as soon as you see it, puts a smile on your face, although you also shit a little scared with the synthetic androids. There they are a line that links the series with Scott’s career”, says Alejandro G. Calvo in the criticism that you can see about this text.

The series deals with the theme of religion and a very categorical, very savage meaning of the mass, the worst face of religion, the one that makes you kill for it, to put it clearly

A series that sends a message of how humans can be our own worst enemies and always make the same mistake. All this washed down with ultraviolence and good action sequences.

Travis Fimmel as Lead

Raised by Wolvestherefore, it is a fiction that is worth seeing, but I’m sure many fans of Vikings they were attracted to it by its protagonist: Travis Fimmel. The actor decided to focus on cinema after his experience in Michael Hirst’s historical drama and has participated in some titles to take into account such as Lean on Pete, Finding Steve McQueen either dreamland.

However, he has not lost focus on television and When Scott proposed to work on this fiction, he didn’t think too much about it. He really wanted to work with the filmmaker and the script made things very easy for him. He had to accept and this is how he recognized it in an interview with Rotten Tomatoes.

I thought I would never do a TV series again. I wasn’t interested. But Ridley is Ridley Scott. I didn’t even read the script when I said yes. I just wanted to work with Ridley

In addition to Fimmel, the cast includes Amanda Collin (Redemption: The Cases of Department Q) Abubakar Salim (Fortitude), Winta McGrath (don’t cry, fly), Niamh Algar (MotherFatherSon), Jordan Loughran (Emerald City), Matías Varela (Iron), Felix Jamieson (Catherine the Great), Ethan Hazzard, Aasiya Shah (Unforgotten), Iby Wong, Loulou Taylor, Susan Danford (Deutschland 83), Daniel Lasker and Jenna Upton (The Widow)among others.

Unfortunately, after the debut of season 2 of Raised By Wolves this 2022, the series will not go ahead. Sad news for his followers and that has been a surprise, since critically, the second has been even better valued than the first.

After learning of the cancellation, the protagonist of the series Abubakar Salim he encouraged fans to try to find a way to get a proper ending to the story in another home. The actor cited the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery in his tweet.

Under the banner “Save Raised By Wolves”, other actors from the series and fans joined the cause, with Salim later confirming that the move would have “inspired creators to look at new ways to potentially tell and finish this story”. though no news yet that it will be so.