The secret story of Boba Fett, the character that nobody wanted to create and became a star

He barely had four lines of dialogue in the entire Star Wars saga, and is now the protagonist of a series on Disney +. We explain the secret of the birth of Boba Fett

Few know it, but the most famous bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe was born by accident. In fact, Boba Fett would not exist today, nor his newcomer series on Disney + if it had not been for George Lucas running out of budget and had to change his plans. What they did not imagine is that against all odds, the popularity of this character that barely accumulates four lines of dialogue and 6 minutes and 32 seconds of screen presence, in the nine films of the saga, would end up accumulating a legion of fans all over the world and now even his own series that has just premiered on Disney + The Boba Fett Book.

The documentary tells us about how a minor character became a star BGarlic the Helmet: The Legacy of Boba Fett, which is available on Disney + since November and that serves to satisfy the curiosity of the fans about the character until the next episode arrives next Wednesday. In this 20 minute mini documentary, the creators of Star Wars in person they reveal to us the secret history of a character that nobody wanted to create.

In Under the Helmet: The Legacy of Boba Fett, the documentary that Disney + prepared for the premiere of the new series, directed by Brian Kwan, himself George Lucas, and some of his closest collaborators explain not only the hazardous birth of the main character of his new series, but also, and with unpublished images, the way in which one more secondary ended up becoming one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars universe, to the point of ending up being the protagonist of his own series.

What Lucas and his collaborators, including Joe Johnston, art director of The Empire Strikes Back and Ralph McQuarrie, designer and illustrator, tell in the documentary, is that Bobba Fett was born initially as an evolved and superior version of the mythical imperial soldiers, destined to debut in the second film of the saga (Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back) as an imperial special force, some “super soldiers”, in the words of George Lucas. IN fact, their armor was initially white, like the Imperials.

The plan, Johnston says, was to make 100 suits like the original. However, it was too high a cost which made George Lucas dismiss that idea, once the armor was already designed, and tested. Do youWhat to do with that uniform, so unique?

A frame with railway paint

“The character design, the armor, the gadgets and the weapons, is something that has not been seen before in Star Wars,” explains Pete Vilmur, senior writer at Lucasfilms. It was then that Lucas decided to create a new character. Johnston went to work on the armadura, originally white, to transform it, with successive layers of railroad paint, in the damaged armor of what Lucas had chosen him to be: a bounty hunter.

Boba Fett officially debuted as a cartoon character that same year, in 1978, in a Christmas special, Star Wars: Holiday Special. However, the documentary reveals, with almost unpublished images, that the real first appearance in public of the bounty hunter was in a parade in Marin County, California, that same year of 1978.

In it, by decision of Lucas, who wanted to participate with something special for the parade of the city in which he lived, Duwayne Dunham, assistant editor, paraded with Darth Vader, with the original armor, and the original Vader costume. Dave Filoni, Executive Producer of The Mandalorian Y The Boba Fett Book, Lucas and Vilmur point out that it was in this parade that the fascination for Fett began:

“He was an unknown character, he had not appeared anywhere, but the fans welcomed Fett. That’s where it all started, ”explains Vilmur.

His own creators could not believe that this character born by accident had begun to grow in popularity in an unpredictable wayAnd this is shown by the images seen in the documentary, shot in cinema, with hundreds of children surrounding Fett. None of them could imagine that this character,

After The Mandalorian reintroduced himself to this character, and gave him a greater prominence, we have finally been able to learn a little more about his history and answer one of the great doubts of the fans of the saga.How did Boba Fett survive the thousand-year digestion in the Sarlacc Abyss? Every Wednesday a new episode will reveal the story of this peculiar character.