The series adaptation of ‘Red Queen’, ‘Without Traces’, ‘Tomorrow is Today’ and all the new series and movies that Amazon Prime Video will produce in Spain

The company has held an event in which the six next national fiction projects that will see the light of day on the streaming platform have been presented.

Amazon Studios

Talent and ambition.

Those have been the two most repeated words in the event ‘Prime Video Presents Spain’ held today Amazon Prime Video to present the new projects of series and movies of Amazon Studios in our country. Some of the most important executive figures of the company have participated in the event, as well as creators and interpreters of the announced projects, who have attended to advance some details about the new series and films that we will see in the medium-term future on the platform. .

The person in charge of announcing the new projects that the company is carrying out with such enthusiasm to provide its public with the best projects has been Mª José Rodriguez, Head of Spanish Originals at Amazon, who together with Koro Castellano, director of Prime Video in Spain, has also shared the concerns of the company in its efforts to

Although virtually, Jennifer Salke (Head of Amazon Studios), James Farrell (Head of International Originals, Films & TV) and Georgia Brown (Head of Originals Europe) have also been part of the event.

We are investing heavily in our original content around the world. It has been very exciting to see how the original content at the local level is having an incredible reception among the fans and that has been a great part of our success, “Salke reflected during his speech. “What differentiates us from our competitors is that, for us, the important thing is not the volume. We remain selective, whether it is a global original title from the US or a local movie or series from anywhere in the world. ”

We focus on talent, originality and vision and we work together with our creative teams and producers to offer the best content. We are a global community of talents [Jennifer Salke]

“We are looking for high-quality content that includes a diversity of voices, something that is very important to us, that has compelling stories and engaging characters,” added Georgia Brown. “And we are also very interested in local stories that contact the Spanish and European public, but also generate a global impact.”

“Differential content that provides a different value”

“We are excited and we hope that you will welcome them with the same enthusiasm with which we have been preparing them”, assured Koro Castellano at the beginning of the presentation of the new content of own production in Spain that would be presented below.

“We have presented four new titles, on which we have been working for a long time and which we are sure will surprise and delight, and where our commitment to production quality and talent will really be valued”, added María José Rodríguez, Head of Spanish Originals, Amazon Studios. “We are not in the volume game, we always say it, our ambition is to make great productions that make a difference.”

You can take note below of the two films and four series that Amazon Prime Video will produce and premiere in Spain in the coming months.



Directed by Nacho G. Velilla, Tomorrow is today is a science fiction comedy starring Carmen Machi and Javier Gutiérrez, among others, that takes us to the summer of 1991 to introduce us to a family, Los Gaspar, whose beach vacations are cut short by an unexpected electrical storm.

After arguing with her father, the Gaspar’s teenage daughter decides to flee with her boyfriend, while the rest of the family, on board a pedal boat, faces a dangerous electrical storm. When they return to shore, they realize that they have traveled to 2022 and that the future is full of novelties and objects that they could never have imagined.

The cast is completed by Sílvia Abril, Asier Ricarte, Carla Díaz, Antonia San Juan, Pepon Nieto and Marta Fernández Muro and its premiere is scheduled exclusively on Prime Video in 2022.


“Probably the most ambitious movie we are working on right now. It is science fiction and responds to the ambition to show that in Spain you can make a blockbuster “, assured Rodríguez when presenting Awareness, a science fiction film for a teenage audience and directed by Daniel Benmayor.

Awareness is the story of Ian, a rebellious teenager who lives with his father on the fringes of society. Both survive on small scams thanks to the power that Ian has, who is capable of projecting visual illusions in the minds of others. After losing control over their powers in public, two sides confronted each other begin to pursue the young man in an action-packed story in which the protagonists will have to decide from which side they want to fight the war in which they are forced to participate. .



One of the “fattest” bets on Amazon and so they have referred to it in the event loud and clear. It is not for less, since Red Queen is the adaptation to the small screen of the successful homonymous trilogy, the best-selling book in Spain for the third consecutive year with more than two million copies. The author of the play, Juan Gómez-Jurado, as well as Amaya Muruzábal, ‘showrunner’ of the series, attended in person to present the project.

As in the books, the Amazon Prime Video series will introduce us to the story of Antonia Scott, a woman who possesses extraordinary intelligence. A gift that can sometimes be considered as such, since thanks to this it has been able to save a lot of lives, but that at times has also become a real curse and has made me lose everything. Now, it has been a long time since he left his tiny apartment in Lavapies.

There are still no actors officially linked to the project, but fans are already dying to know who will be in charge of giving life to Antonia Scott and the rest of the iconic characters.


“We are in the middle of the creative process, and so much so, that the title is provisional”, warned Mª José Rodríguez at the time of presenting The Farad, a fiction series but based on real events and set in the 80s that it already captures from its first description.

From the hand of this eighties action ‘thriller’ and which will consist of eight episodes we will meet Oskar, a boy who dreams of setting up a gym but who ends up entering the fascinating world of the Costa del Sol and surrounded by the jet set and its form to do things. It happens because, as Mariano Barroso, one of its creators, explains, “his process of finding an identity leads him to the Farad, a family that is dedicated to arms trafficking in the Marbella of the 80s. And there he finds his place”.

Barroso is co-creator of the series with Alejandro Hernández, with the former he will be in charge of the direction and Hernández of the script.


The protagonists of Without Traces are Carolina Yuste and Camila Sodi, who are in charge of getting into the shoes of Desi (Yuste) and Cata (Sodi), two cleaners whose unexpected dismissal will be the starting point of a story that does not suit them to be easy to get out. Overwhelmed by money, the young women are called to clean in a mansion as if it were a miracle, but in the great house of the Roselló family, a powerful family from Alicante, they find the corpse of a woman.

After the initial shock, Cata and Desi realize that they have left everything clean, without fingerprints, so they are the perfect culprits for the crime. And so much so that the police will soon look for them, but they will not be the only ones: also a group of hitmen and a family of millionaires with hidden interests.

The series is developed by Carlos de Pando and Sara Antuña as ‘showrunners’.


And finally, one that had already been announced a long time ago, which we are looking forward to and which will arrive before the summer arrives: A private matter, which Aura Garrido and producer Teresa Fernández Valdés have been in charge of presenting and of the one that the first images have been able to see.

Starring Garrido and Jean Reno under the baton of the prestigious Bambú Producciones, A private matter It is an adventure story set in Galicia at the end of the 1940s. There, a young upper-class girl with a dream of being a policeman, Marina Quiroga, sets out to hunt down a serial killer who has been tormenting the locals for months. . The person in charge of helping her is her faithful butler, Héctor (Reno), whose audacity is key to carrying out the investigation. Together they will fight against the obstacles and prejudices of the time, but also of the commissioner and the attempts of his family to marry the young woman.

These six titles join the dozens of global projects, both fiction and non-fiction, that Amazon Prime Video has in hand and that promise to continue growing.