The series starring William Levy that has swept its premiere in Divinity (and it is not ‘Coffee with the aroma of a woman’)

The actor conquered viewers by starring in the successful Colombian telenovela

double portion of William Levy in Divinity. Yesterday it premiered on the secondary channel of Mediaset The Tempesta series starring the successful actor who joins the broadcast of woman-fragranced coffee. The Mexican telenovela swept its premiere with a 3.2% share, which translates into 392,000 viewers. A fact that affirmed the success of the Cuban interpreter and the love stories on television.

The Tempest follow the love story between Damián (Levy) and Marina (Ximena Navarrete). He is a fishing boat captain and owner while she is a hotel manager. The protagonist’s life changes when she decides to denounce an important businessman for abuse and her mother is diagnosed with cancer. Therefore, she must move to the town where Damián lives. There her paths will cross and they will have to overcome a series of obstacles.

Along with Levy and Navarrete, the cast is completed by: Iván Sánchez (Central Hospital), Manuel Ojeda, Laura Carmine, Daniela Romo and César Évora, among others. A luxury cast for a plot full of romance, mystery and passion which includes other topics such as human trafficking, piracy and corruption. In addition, Alejandro Fernández and Shakira are in charge of putting the soundtrack to this fiction.

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The end of ‘Coffee with the aroma of a woman’ is near

The success of the premiere of The Tempest is added to that of woman-fragranced coffee. After being relegated from Telecinco, the Colombian series went to Divinity to win over viewers. For example, in the chapter aired yesterday obtained a 3.3% share and 479,000 viewers. A good piece of information for the secondary channel, which affirms the television phenomenon that is the soap opera, also available on Netflix.

woman-fragranced coffee He is approaching his final stretch in Divnity, but don’t worry, we will continue to have a ration of Levy on the secondary channel. In addition, and until the end of the soap opera arrives, you have a double date with the Cuban actor. Two love stories that have been a great success in their country of origin and that have already conquered Spanish viewers.

The Tempest is issued from Monday to Friday at 7:45 p.m. and woman-fragranced coffee the same days from 20:45 hours.

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