The series that must be seen on Netflix: it is the new adaptation of Harlan Coben and its cast is the most

Available on the streaming platform, ‘Stay by my side’ is a very addictive thriller full of emotion, mystery, disappearances, intrigue, lies and a lot of tension.

Vishal Sharma/Netflix

We could say that we already have the first surprise of 2022. A British miniseries that has already hooked subscribers to Netflix. And it is that in his first available weekend he has already sneaked into the top 10 of the ‘streaming’ platform. We talk about stay by me, the new adaptation of the well-known writer Harlan Coben. One addictive thriller full of suspense and tension that raises us how much we do not know about a person despite knowing them for years.

Set in the UK, stay by me US features three very different characters. Megan is a working woman raising her three children, Ray was a promising photographer trapped in a foodie job, and Broome is a detective unable to leave behind an unsolved disappearance case. However, their lives are totally changed when a person from Megan’s past returns to reveal a secret from her past.

The series of eight episodes It is created by Harlan Coben and directed by Daniel O’Hara and Lindy Heymann. The cast is made up of Cush Jumbo, James Nesbitt, Richard Armitage, Eddie Izzard, Dylan Francis or Sarah Parish, among others.


stay by me It’s the latest Harlan Coben adaptation to land on Netflix, and we’re already sure of its success. This crime drama tells the story of Megan, a woman with a perfect family life, but with a very mysterious past. And, as we’ve said before, everything changes when old secrets and people emerge from your past. Megan will do her best to keep it hidden.

The series hooks from the first minute, but that is not its real challenge. With a plot already seen in other thrillers, stay by me You must find a way to prevent history from repeating itself. And the truth is that it succeeds. Thanks to your careful script, nothing is what it seems and the intrigue is constant.

The viewer does not have to wait more than ten minutes to know that Megan hides a big secret. Back home, on the night of her bachelorette party, she is about to marry the father of her children with whom she has been 16 years, she finds an envelope placed in front of a bottle of champagne with Cassie’s name written on it. And from the look on his face, it’s not just any name.

We quickly understand that Megan has buried her past as a nightclub dancer to which the series makes many references with flashbacks. In addition, a series of events led the protagonist to change identity and start from scratch. A quiet new life that changes when a dangerous man returns, forcing her to face her past to keep her family safe.

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At the same time, we find many subplots that are convoluted with each other. Two formerly married detectives investigating a long-unsolved disappearance. A photographer who seems to have a connection to Megan and the missing man. And a drug addict addicted to heroin, but revealed as a lawyer with a big heart who rescues strippers and prostitutes.

The characters are solid and good enough that you want to know more about them. Yes, thanks to the superb performance by the cast. If we also add a story full of emotion and the most intriguing suspense, they make the perfect miniseries to be the first viewing of this new year.