The series that wanted to inherit the success of one of the most successful in history: it failed and worsened the prestige of its creator

JJ Abrams thought he had a good idea, but he was wrong and he himself accepted his mistake: “It was too frivolous and simple.”

JJ Abrams and his production company Bad Robot have been, for more than two decades, a truly active part of entertainment industry historybut, although the prolific producer, director and screenwriter is very popular and has had the honor of having on his hands some of the most successful franchises in cinema –Star Wars, star trek Y Mission Impossible– and having developed unforgettable series- It has also been the subject of much ‘hate’.

Director of Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalkerone of the most criticized films of the galactic franchise and the one in charge of having put the finishing touch to the “Skywalker saga”, JJ Abrams came to apologize to the ‘Trekkies’ for Star Trek: Into Darkness and for a time it was common to see many throw their hands up when they found out that Abrams was taking charge of an important project. However, for many others, The Abrams and Bad Robot label has long been synonymous with prestige.

Curiously, one of the titles often mentioned when criticizing Abrams is also one of his biggest hits: the unforgettable lost, broadcast for six seasons on ABC and one of the series that forever changed the way we watch television. Although the filmmaker is now more focused on his facet as a film director and is still active on TV but always as an executive producer, JJ Abrams’ origins as a director are 100% television: felicity, Alias either fringe are some of his most notable productions, but it was certainly lost the one that marked a before and after.

Criticism of Abrams for lostHowever, they are not entirely justified.. Yes, he was its creator, the ultimate architect of what would be a true worldwide phenomenon, but the much-criticized ending that still remains a thorn in the side for many is not his work. However, when lost it was fired in 2010, then driven by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, it continued to carry the name of JJ Abrams as its flag. A prestigious stamp for the series that ultimately “turned against” Abrams a bitthat was seen full of disappointment at the end and bad fame accompanied him for a while: “Were they really going to leave the new of Star Wars in the hands of the creator lost?” Many commented in 2013 when announcing his signing by Disney.

So, When in 2010, just a few months after the end, Abrams launched his new series as creator, the expectation was high, but the shotguns were also loaded: And it was the last one he did.

The mistake of wanting to stray too far from ‘Lost’ but with the claim of ‘Lost’

The stage where it was released Undercovers It was not good, but the truth is that the series deserved the failure that it turned out to be. The series came after the end of what had been the biggest series phenomenon in recent times and was JJ Abrams’ second foray into the spy genre after the great success of Aliasbut his story did not convince anyone. His short broadcast was a flop on NBC, which quickly canceled it and never even finished airing its episodes.

A resounding ‘fail’ that came in a bit of a bad time for Abrams.

The creator, for his part, was one of the first to admit his mistake. He wanted to get away so much from lost that ended up losing focus. “I feel like it was unfortunate. Of course, I completely blame myself for the whole thing. The show’s conceit was to do something more frivolous and fun, but ultimately, I think it was too frivolous and too simple, and we didn’t dig deep enough. We were desperately trying to stay away from mythology, complexity, intensity, and overly serious, dark storytelling, and ultimately, that’s not necessarily what I do best.” Ultimately, get away from lost with the claim of lost it was his mistake.

It also didn’t help that his following series, now solely as a producer, failed one after the other: Alcatraz, Revolution, Almost Human. A setback from which he would end up recovering and which situates Bad Robot from some great television productions such as Westworld either lovecraft territory despite the fact that his future has not finally been deserved.

Now Abrams has another television project on his hands: Dustersfor HBO Max, as part of its multi-million dollar deal with Warner Media. However, the previous attempt, Demimondewas canceled before production began, which turned out to be too expensive for a potential that was not entirely clear.