The Sky Is Pink movie download by the website Moviesda

The Sky Is Pink movie download by the website Moviesda

The one and only truth of life are that we are all going to die, some sooner, some later. This leads us to the conclusion that we must live cheerfully in all moments, to find happiness in the most trying times.

During her lifetime, Ayesha Chaudhary left a lasting impression on the world with her philosophy of life, which she is known for sharing with the world when she travels and speaks at events.

She has given people hope through her book My Little Epiphanies and community service.

The Sky Is Pink movie download

It is the story of the lively girl Ayesha and her family, who gave up the world at the young age of 18, that is the subject of the film ‘The Sky Is Pink’ by Shonali Bose.

The family consists of her father Niren Chaudhary alias Panda and mother Aditi Chaudhary alias Moose and Ayesha’s brother Ishaan alias Giraffe, who has had a lot of conflict with her

Various studies suggest that the person with SCID has a greater propensity of rejecting substances that are provided by food if it is considered harmful and are consistent with poor nutrition.

It takes only a small infection to send a patient to the grave. Because of this, the patient can live a few weeks to a year. That is why Aditi and Niren lost their first daughter Tanya to this genetic disease.

As a result, he left Delhi to reach London to save Ayesha. Getting rid of a loved one needs more than just money to get through, but more than that it requires a long-distance relationship.

Ayesha undergoes a bone marrow transplant at the age of six months as a result of a bone marrow stem cell failure. As a consequence, she develops pulmonary fibrosis.

This makes the family, particularly Aditi, make it her mission to give her daughter every chance to live as much as she can and to fill every moment of her life with happiness.

Ayesha, Niren, and Aditi’s story may seem like it revolves around heartbreak, but director and writer Shonali Bose has taken the time to emphasize the many positive aspects of the story in an effort to make it more entertaining.

There are many funny moments in the film for the viewers. The film also features the insidious love story of Ayesha and her panda and the passive mother’s love for the daughter she neglected in the past.

A lot of funny scenes can be found in the film, such as when Niren is wearing Aditi’s helmet to go home, matching Ishaan’s DNA father, setting Aditi’s date with Ayesha, etc.

The tragic story of Shonali has been portrayed as light-hearted and humorous, a tone Shonali has extremely effectively adopted.

Nevertheless, the second half of the film is extremely emotional. As the film progresses towards the climax, the corners of the viewers’ eyes begin to wet.

The dialogue in the film is heart-tugging in its poignancy and touching insight. Every character in this film is my favorite.

It has been a pleasure to watch Priyanka, Farhan, Zaira, and Rohit work on their performances. They all portrayed their roles with such vigor and grace.

You will fall in love with Aditi, a mother who works throughout the night to provide for her daughter. The husband who never asked a single question when his wife became a Christian will have your heart, just as it did for Niren when he died.

Ishaan’s sister tells you that you need to adjust by yourself for a few days after the last day of his life, then we’ll come with you, and you will fall in love with him.

It will end with you falling in love with Ayesha and her father telling her – do not drip before your mother comes back or I will smile thinking about what he will do to you.

While the music of the film is of average quality, the star of the show is its strong performance as portrayed in The Sky Is Pink. We rate this film 3.5 stars out of 5.