the space horror series set years before the original film will begin shooting this year

It might go unnoticed all the tangle of ads of that event, but during Investor Day 2020 of The Walt Disney Company more than two years ago it was confirmed developing an Alien series for FX, an American subscription television channel. Since then, we have been learning some details of a project sponsored by Ridley Scott, and now we know that the intention of those responsible is to shoot it this year.

John Landgraf, president of FX Network, gave an update on its development a few days ago, explaining that the idea is that noah hawley (Fargo), your showrunner, can get down to business soon. According to the executive, Hawley has written several scripts and will meet this week with the head of production design to get everything ready for the start of filming the series this year. after the end of the production of the fifth season of Fargo.

What is Alien about, the series?

Since 1979, the saga of the xenomorphs has been seen in multiple stories through different formats. Most of these narratives have been set years after the events of the original film. This will not be the case the series, which will place its action at the end of the 21st century, long before the events experienced by Ellen Ripley in the USCSS Nostromo.

Despite the enormous success of its first two films, the Alien saga has not managed to regain the affection of the public in modern times at a cinematographic level, having garnered mixed reviews for both Prometheus What Alien: Covenant. Will the FX series change this trend?

Where will the Alien series be seen in Spain?

If the series ends up coming to fruition, the question is which platform will it be seen in Spain on. The question hasn’t been answered yet, but so far most of the FX originals are being hosted within Disney+. This has been the case, for example, of The Old Man Y by heaven’s command.

The Alien universe will not only have a new installment on the small screen, a new movie with a new actress is also planned, while last summer it was presented a new adventure for solo enjoyment in Unreal Engine 5 which aims to not be the only video game underway with the space horror IP, although the sequel to Alien Isolation resists being presented.