the special anime episode will finally be broadcast on television, but there is bad news if we want to see it in Spain

back in 2013 the anime landscape was very different, especially if we talk about two of the biggest series in history. There was still a long way to go ‘One Piece’ and we had barely entered the New World… And if we talk about ‘Dragon Ball’ The ‘Dragon Ball Super’ anime hadn’t even started airing!

What was on the air at that time was the anime of ‘Toriko‘, and it is seen that Toei Animation had high hopes for his new franchise, because he decided to make an epic crossover that reunited Toriko with Goku and Luffy.

The crossover between the legendary gluttons

‘Toriko‘ was a very popular series in Japan at the time and in addition to its own anime it also had several specials and a movie. Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro’s manga followed Toriko, a gourmet hunter who travels the world looking for the best ingredients and rare species to then sell you to restaurants and rich people who don’t mind paying anything for them.

So with this approach (and a lot of delicious food in between), it was obvious that two gluttons like Goku and Luffy would fit perfectly with Toriko. So crossover was bound to happen and it aired in 2013 in two parts: one as ‘Toriko’ episode 99 and one as ‘One Piece’ episode 590.

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‘Dream 9 Toriko & One Piece & Dragon Ball Z Super Collaboration Special‘ until now it had not been easily seen outside of Japan, but Toei Animation has confirmed that on March 4th it will be broadcast on television on Toonamiand with English dubbing.

It is the first time that the chapter is dubbed in English, and it also brings together characters from ‘One Piece’ and ‘Dragon Ball’ as Zoro, Chopper, Piccolo and Vegeta in this bizarre contest to find the most delicious food in the world.

Toiriko Crossover

Unfortunately, It seems that Toei for now has only given a wide sleeve to be broadcast in this Adult Swim space and it will not be as accessible in other territories. Because in fact, chapter 590 is not available for streaming even though we have all of ‘One Piece’ available on Crunchyroll.

Of course, now that it seems that Toei has been encouraged to bring the crossover to light, perhaps there will be good news in the future and we can see it in more countries, although it is still in the original version and direct to streaming. Let’s hope it works perfectly on television, let’s see if it also reaches us outside of Japan and the United States.