‘The Squid Game’: 4 Ways Season 2 Could Continue

The creator has no plans at the moment, but the first installment lays the groundwork for a possible sequel to the new Netflix hit series.

The South Korean series The Squid Game is sweeping Netflix completely unexpectedly but, while subscribers around the world continue to be hooked thanks to word of mouth and fiction wins points to become the most watched series on the streaming platform, ousting The Bridgertons, its creator is reluctant to make a second season.

As revealed by the filmmaker Hwang Dong-hyuk, more used to making movies, developing The Squid Game It was a truly exhausting task for him and just the thought of writing Season 2 is exhausting for him. This was explained in a recent statement to Variety, in which he explained that At the moment he has no plans to continue but, if he did, he would try to surround himself with a team of experienced screenwriters who would make the task easier.

“To write The Squid Game it was more difficult than normal for me as it was a series, not a movie, “he explained to the publication.” I don’t have well-developed plans for Squid game 2. It is quite exhausting to think about it. If I had to, I certainly wouldn’t do it alone. “

However, the outcome of the first season of The Squid Game, Although it closes the story, it also leaves the door open for a possible return. At least that’s how some of the millions of fans that the South Korean survival series already has around the world believe, that they raise theories and assumptions that could well translate into a season 2 that many would welcome with open arms.

The future of ‘The Squid game’: the creator is exhausted and does not plan a season 2 (for now)

How I finish The Squid Game? Although the series ended with the death of Oh Il-nam (Oh Young-soo) – who at the same time was revealed to be the man behind the games – and only Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) survives to take it away. the award. Later, knowing the truth about his partner and at the airport ready to meet his daughter again, the winner receives an offer to join the squid game organization and his recruiter leaves him a business card. After calling, Gi-hun leaves the airport, apparently determined to take action against gambling.

Take note below of some forms proposed by the website Screenrant in which the series could continue if there was season 2.


1. There are more games taking place elsewhere

One of the theories that we like the most, since it would mean an expansion of the most interesting story. ScreenRant points out an interesting detail, which is that one of the VIPS points out at one point that Korean games are being the best this year, which would imply that there are other versions taking place in other parts of the world.

That there are other “squid games” is a good opportunity without a doubt for the team to develop a completely renewed story for a hypothetical season 2, with new characters and even a new ‘showrunner’.

2. The defeat of The Squid Game? Hwang Jun-Ho is still alive and joins Gi-hun

Jun-ho (Donald Chang), the character determined to find his brother and who puts the organization most in check on its mission, is shot by In-ho himself in the penultimate episode and falls into the sea. We give him up for dead, but the truth is that the shot is in the shoulder, so that the character could still be alive. If so, and with all the information he has to end The Squid Game, his story could be key in season 2. And, of course, join Gi-hun in his purpose of taking action on the matter after leaving the airport.

This theory about ‘The Squid Game’ would explain some things about its end (and the hypothetical season 2)

3. A successor to Il-nam

The death of the man behind the games leaves a void in the organization, so that the VIPS could have found a new boss in season 2 of the series and moved on with their ghoulish purposes. The new boss could be In-ho himself or a completely new character, pro Il-nam makes it clear: the death of one man is not enough to stop a 30-year tradition.

4. A tale of games from the past

The squid game has been celebrated for decades, so a great idea for season 2 could be that it was set in the past and told, for example, how Il-nam started the games, what the first competition was like or how In- ho ended up in the organization before his brother became one of the participants.

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