‘The Squid Game’: The giant doll from the English Hideaway is real and found in a village in Korea

Netflix’s South Korean original series is being a worldwide phenomenon just like ‘La Casa de Papel’ or ‘The Bridgertons’.

The Squid Game It is, today, in the first position of the most watched of Netflix since its premiere on September 17, followed by the movie of We were songs and in third place the third season of Sex Education.

Netflix’s South Korean Original Series All About Watching How 456 people are chosen to be able to play a series of children’s games with one goal: to get a large sum of money. But for this they must survive, since, if they lose, they are killed in cold blood.

The first game consists of the English Hideout, also known in other places in Spain as El Pollito Inglés or Caravín, caraván, where a huge doll begins to say ‘Green light, red light’ in Korean and all its participants must stop in their tracks. If they move, it is shot to death.

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But did you know that this doll exists in real life and is found in a village in Korea? That’s how it is. The doll is located in Jincheon Country, a town that takes about three hours from Seoul. Your role is nothing less than to be the keeper of a museum of horse carriages called Macha Land. You can see the picture below:

The producers of the series borrowed the doll to be able to shoot with it. But it has since been returned, though it is apparently now missing a hand, creating an even greater aura of mystery.

The added post-release warning

After all the hype about the success of The Squid Game, many more people are awaiting all the details of the series. But a mistake on the part of Netflix in episode 4, caused them to have to put a warning for those sensitive to light due to the scene that is between the mintuse 15:08 and 20:11.

Following the outrage of viewers, Netflix has included a warning in ‘The Squid Game’

This caused the streaming platform to resolve this error by putting a warning message before this episode in which you can read: “Some scenes have a strobe effect that can affect light-sensitive viewers.”