‘The squid game’: This is how everyone could have been saved in the game of marbles

Netflix’s South Korean original series is becoming a worldwide phenomenon after its premiere on November 17.

The Squid Game is about to become one of the best Netflix releases after The Bridgertons since its premiere on November 17, even achieving that the children’s games that appear in it are viral, as is the case with the sugar cookie.

The original series surcoreada by Netflix consists of a kind of ‘battle royale’ in which 456 people must survive a series of children’s games to be able to get a high amount of money if they manage to win in all and not die trying.

In one of them, which appears in the episode ‘Gganbu’ (1×06), consists in getting the 10 marbles of your partner that you had previously chosen, having a chaotic and sad ending since many couples had been formed by closeness and affection. But many people have noticed a detail of this game in which everyone could have been saved.

The rules say it all. To be able to win, must be done with the 10 marbles of your opponent playing whatever game they want. The person who gets all 10 of his partner’s marbles wins. But what many have realized is that they don’t ask you to get a total of 20 marbles.

The story behind ‘The Squid Game’ and the real game that inspired the Netflix series

So the surest way to have been able to win bothIf it had been playing a game in which both a marble were exchanged in each game, so in one round one would have 11 marbles and the other 9 and in the next round they would both have 10 again, but with a different marble from their opponent. And so on until you get 10 for your partner.

However, many people are arguing that this is really a bad translation and in Korean it originally says that they would have to get a total of 20 marbles, as the guardians would not know who the marbles would be.

‘The Squid Game’: 4 Ways Season 2 Could Continue

Although the debate is still there, it is true that it would be a good idea that Cho Sang-Woo (Park Hae-Soo) could have raised and not have ended the way it did. Regarding whether there will be a second season, its creator, Dong-hyuk Hwang, is exhausted and does not plan a new installment, for now. But due to the success on Netflix, perhaps the news will come sooner than expected.