‘The Squid Game’: This theory explains why some end up as a player and others as a worker

Sara heredia

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The series that Netflix has just added to its catalog is on its way to becoming one of the most viewed in history.

The Squid Game is the series that everyone is watching. His arrival on Netflix on September 17 has made us all experts in ‘Red light, green light’, marbles and sugar cookies. There is no spectator who has not speculated on the best way to win each of the games. But it is not the only aspect that gives rise to debate. The network is full of theories about the death (or not) of the characters, their relationships and the colors used.

Of all of them, one that is gaining popularity is: How are the experiment workers chosen? What do we know about them? Is it possible that all participants had the opportunity to change their destiny by a simple decision? What if your debts are not the determining key to ending up in one role or another?

How to win ‘The Squid Game’? A video reveals the key for each of the games

We know that the participants arrive of their own free will, moved by the need to repay the large sums of money that they owe and that have plunged them into misery. What he never gets to explain is how the worker-soldiers who maintain order are chosen within the game. We are going to recap what is known about them.

In certain moments of the series, we discover that they are completely normal people and strangers to the organizer of the game. That is to say, they neither work for the upper echelons nor do they have a privileged position nor are they specially trained soldiers. Each of them has to follow a series of very strict rules, dine every night in their cabin and be accountable to their superiors. If at any point they decide to act on their own, they are annihilated, so it is also known that the organization has no special relationship with them. They are fully interchangeable.

This leads us to think that they are chosen in a similar way to the one they use with the players: by playing the red and blue card. If the theory is true, the workers are chosen from those who have chosen the red card and the participants from those who choose the blue card. In the video that they show them when they arrive at the strange place where the experiment takes place, it is seen that all the participants had chosen the blue envelope. Therefore, we can understand that those who chose red had another fate.

What is never known is what they received in exchange for the role they were playing. Perhaps they were also waiting for a monetary reward or the solution to some problem that prevented them from having a normal life – some crime? A loan with an indecent organization? Since nothing is known about it and it is clear that they are people who do not know very well what happens in the game, the theory that they are chosen according to the card proposed by the commercial is one of our favorites.

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