‘The Squid Game’: Who answers when calling the Netflix series’ phone number?

A Korean man who receives 4000 calls a day and who found out what was happening through one of them.

The unprecedented success of the new Netflix series The Squid Game is teasing some trouble to a South Korean man who had no idea the existence of fiction about the dangerous survival game that is sweeping the platform’s subscribers. According to media information South China Morning Post which have already been echoed by various media such as ScreenRant, The phone number that appears in the last episode of the series is not only not made up, but it belongs to a man who has not stopped receiving calls in recent days.

Attention if you have not finished watching The Squid Game, because details of the final episode are revealed below.

Inspired by the South Korean fondness for test games, The Squid Game is a series developed by Hwang Dong-hyuk that poses a deadly twist to this type of competition. In it, a total of 456 participants compete in children’s games to win a millionaire prize that ends their problems, but putting their lives at risk, since each of the tests turns out to be the bloodiest.

This theory about ‘The Squid Game’ would explain some things about its end (and the hypothetical season 2)

In the latest episode, the recruiter played by Gong Yoo provides the winner of the game, Seong Gi-hun / No. 456 (Lee Jung-jae) a business card with an eight-digit phone number. If you want to join, just call them. Finally, the protagonist seems to accept the offer, since he appears making the call and thus ends the season.

Nevertheless, It seems that Gi-hun is not the only one who has been curious to call the number on the card, but thousands of people around the world. As published South China Morning Post, a South Korean man in his 40s living in Gyeonggi Province is receiving about 4,000 calls a day since the series debuted on Netflix. The owner of the number, who has preferred to remain anonymous and has owned it for 10 years, has revealed that at first he thought it was business calls, but quickly realized that it had to be something else.

Following the outrage of viewers, Netflix has included a warning in ‘The Squid Game’

In the end it was the senders of these calls themselves who raised his doubts: His number appeared in the last series that was sweeping the streaming platform. According to the man, it gives him the feeling that most of the calls have been made by children, many of the calls are made at dawn and they also send him photos and text messages.

In response to the problem, one of the candidates for the presidency of South Korea, Huh Kyung-young, would have offered to pay up to 100 million won to get the number, a move that surprises and whose reasons are not clear. For its part, Netflix is ​​also solving the problem with the owner of the number directly.

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