‘The Squid Game’: Why does Gi-hun dye his hair red?

After the good reception of the South Korean Netflix series, fans do not stop theorizing and speculating with some details. The first season has swept, but will there be a second installment?

ATTENTION. Key details of The Squid Game and its final episode are revealed below.

If you have already seen The Squid Game on Netflix you have probably been satisfied with the outcome, since the story of the 456 people who agree to participate in a macabre game with the aim of achieving a juicy economic prize, it has a beginning and it also has an end. The first installment of the South Korean series about extreme survival has a sole winner in its final episode, Seong Gi-Hun. (Lee Jung-jae), and furthermore, it is revealed that player 001, the personable Oh Il-nam (Oh Young-soo) is not only not a real participant, but is the person behind the creation of the games. . In addition, Jun-ho (Donald Chang) manages to find his brother and we also discover that it was In-ho who was hiding behind the mysterious hooded man.

Ultimately, the end of the first season of The Squid Game It has everything we ask of the outcome of a series, but it also lays the foundation for the possible continuation of the story. He does so with the scene starring the airport winner who, when he is about to take a flight to meet his daughter, stars in a meeting with one of the organization’s recruiters. He hands you a business card and invites you to join. Later, Gi-hun calls, has an awkward conversation, and decisively leaves the airport.

What happens from that moment or, conversely, a story that reveals more details about the origin of the games is something that would have the potential to happen in a season 2, but the creator of the series is not convinced that he has the strength to do so. Meanwhile, fans are already speculating and developing some theories.

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Asking what is the reason that leads Gi-hun not to take the plane and where he is going is one of the most likely questions, but many also wonder why the protagonist dyed his hair red after winning the squid game and taking the juicy prize.

We do not have the answer, but we do have some theories that indicate some possibilities, such as that dyeing your hair is a reminder to himself that he has won the game, has taken the money and that now, after all he has lived, he has to be a new person. Others, however, suggest that color reflects blood that will be poured out in his future mission to end forever with The Squid Game and with those members of the organization who make it possible.

Furthermore, the website The Focus It also highlights the detail that a ‘YouTuber’ called Minhoaurs has noticed: the last man in the last battle also wore dyed hair.

In any case, Gi-hun will most likely dye his hair as a reminder of the new person he has become and a sign that he is about to start a new life over which he is now in control.

The first season of The Squid Game It consists of 9 episodes and is available in full on Netflix.

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