The story behind ‘The Squid Game’ and the real game that inspired the Netflix series

South Korean fiction is about to make history on the streaming platform.

Netflix Original South Korean Series The Squid Game It is being a true phenomenon on the platform and, in just a couple of weeks since its debut on September 17, the company already suspects that it could become the most watched series in the history of the platform if it continues along the same lines . The fiction hooks so much with its story about a macabre survival that those who give it a chance quickly devour it, but the creative process of the series was especially laborious for its creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, who took more than a decade to carry out the project.

The story behind The Squid Game dates back to 2008, in which the Korean filmmaker claims to have developed a first script when he was in a bad financial situation and after reading the manga Liar Game. The liars game and Kaiji. However, as he explained in an interview with KoreaTimes, at that first moment he thought that the project was too complex and bizarre and it was not until more than a decade later that he decided to carry it out.

“After 12 years, the world has drifted to a place where peculiar and violent survival stories are welcome, indeed.”, he assures in the interview while being surprised by the excellent reception of the series. “Unfortunately, the world has changed in that direction. The games of the series with which the participants go crazy are aligned with the wishes of the people to hit the jackpot with things like cryptocurrencies, real estate and stocks. And that’s why a lot of people have felt identified with the story. “

Following the outrage of viewers, Netflix has included a warning in ‘The Squid Game’

Now you can be proud of the result, but looking back, Hwang Dong-hyuk’s story of the creative process of The Squid Game makes it clear that it was a real challenge: “Turning the story into a series was an adventure, just like it was 10 years ago,” he recalls. “I knew it would be either all or nothing; a masterpiece or a failure”.

The idea behind this work was very experimental. I wondered if the audience would find it convincing that the participants risked their lives to play child games.

“Every night before filming I was always thinking about how to make the scenes better and reviewing the scripts,” he says. “The stress level I was in was 100%, and that hit me hard. I’ve always viewed every job as a challenge, but this piece was a bigger risk, so I put all my efforts into doing something good.”

Regarding how he found the games that would be part of the competition, the creator explains that he devised them “10 years ago”: “The first was the Red Light, Green Light, which has a lot of impact with massive deaths,” he recalls. And he chose the squid game “as the last round because it fits perfectly with the irony of the series:” I thought that the players fighting as warriors would be proof of the irony of it being child’s play, as well as the despair of characters”.

The royal game that inspired the Netflix series

And it is precisely that game, the squid game, that finally inspired the definitive title of the story.

What is this game about? Also known as ojingeo, this famous game in Korea dates back to the 70s and 80s and is so named because the shape of the game board drawn on the ground resembles a squid.

It is a game for several players that must be divided into two teams, the one that attacks and the one that defends, and The goals can be twofold: either that the players on offense succeed in carrying out their attack, or that the two teams end up annihilating each other.

Indeed, as Hwang Dong-hyuk pointed out in his interview, it is “an irony that this is child’s play.”

At the moment there is no second season confirmed, but the followers of The Squid Game fingers crossed that the creator finds the right team and sets out to continue the series that is about to make history on Netflix.

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