The study behind Halo Infinite, 343 Industries, has been “very affected” by the layoffs: some developers have lamented it on social networks – Halo Infinite

A few minutes ago we have informed you of the exclusive that the medium bloomberg: the 10,000 layoffs from Microsoft they have also affected Bethesda and 343 Industries. However, who has taken the worst part has been the team that has developed Halo Infinite. there are even some developers who have regretted on social networks his dismissal.

The VGC medium has compiled the information of enough means and the most striking thing is that unfortunately 343 Industries has been very “hard hit” as he has stated Jason Scherier. Specifically, the Lords of Gaming medium specifies that the layoffs have been “significant” and that have affected the entire team, especially those who have worked in the Campaign mode.

343 Industries has been hit the hardest, especially those who developed the Campaign. The Coalition and Bethesta have also been hit with layoffs

All this has already been officially confirmed and some developers have expressed their sorry on social media. One of them is Gary Waliczek, Principal Growth and Loyalty Engineer at Xbox, It has been recognized that “games are affected by layoffs, which probably includes people on my team,” he noted before delete the message.

Another who has shown his regret is kevin schmittSenior Designer of Halo Infinite. jessie stipek, 343i video producer, has also confirmed his dismissal on social media. Also, sam luangkhotcommunity manager for The Elder Scrolls Online, has confirmed his departure. Likewise, Renee Sogueco, head of public relations at Bethesda, has been very clear on LinkedIn.

“Well, it has happened! Today I got fired from Bethesda Softworks as a result of the layoffs from Microsoft, so I’m back in the market,” says Sogueco on LinkedIn. The reasons for the layoff, according to Microsoft, are due to “the macroeconomic conditions and changes in customer priorities”, as Satya Nadella has pointed out.

Regarding the latter, Business Insider goes further and has published a report where it makes it clear that has fired “underperforming employees” in some parts of the company. For example, Microsoft’s HoloLens business and some engineering divisions have also been affected, according to VGC. Before these cuts, Microsoft had around 221,000 workers on its staff, something that has been pointed out Tom Warren.

Also, Jason Schreier just pointed out in a recent tweet that studio director Pierre Hintze has sent an email to the entire 343 Industries team to inform them of the following: “We have taken the difficult decision to restructure elements of our teamwhich means that some roles will be eliminated,” reveals Hintze.

He has also stressed the following in a previous tweet: “Joe Staten, who joined 343i in 2020 to bring Halo Infinite to the finish line, will be leaving the studio to return to join Xbox Publishingas Bloomberg has learned.” Even so, the process for determining which employees to fire has also been detailed.


The process was as follows: the managers pointing out to employees that they did not work according to the expected performance. Otherwise, they would have been subjected to a coaching process whose duration would be around 6 months, in order to assess its performance. It should be noted that if the Human Resources department considers their performance inappropriate, Microsoft will fire the employees without a prior coaching process.

The Coalition is not spared either

The Coalition

The Kotaku medium affirms that the dismissal has affected several workers of The Coalition. Specifically, they have been directed at studio located in Vancouver whose task was to develop the Gears of War saga. This prestigious studio is currently developing Gears 6, although there is also talk that they have ventured with the creation of a new IP, and thus carry out both projects in parallel.