The success of The Last of Us series on HBO agrees with Sony in one of its most controversial decisions in recent years – The Last of Us HBO

It’s official, The Last of Us series is being a complete success and that we have only been a couple of days since the broadcast of its first chapter. It has done tremendously well among critics for those who have seen it in its entirety, and you only need to take a look at our circles of friends or on social networks to see what it is about. everyone talks in these dates. Even the launch window, in the midst of a lack of great new games to eat until the arrival of Forspoken in a few weeks, has also helped make it the talk of the world of videogames… But there is something that has made it transcend and that it is a triumph for Sony, and it is that people with no affinity for video games are also talking about it (and very well). That agrees with them in one of their most controversial decisions in recent times.

The feeling abounds that remakes are being frequent in the PlayStation brand, and the truth is that there have been plenty of them in recent years. Some as powerful and careful as the one from Demon’s Souls or Shadow of the Colossus, and others so apparently unnecessary and far from being worked on or updated as the one from Medievil. Few, yes, subjected to as much discussion as The Last of Us Part I, the remake from the Naughty Dog original. Both at the time of its announcement, and especially as its launch approached, many fans and specialists they questioned his arrival. And reasons did not seem to be lacking, although in my opinion only if it was analyzed from a somewhat superficial point of view.

Something that often happens to us in video games is that we think that if a release is not for us, it could not be for anyone else either.

The original is not that old, far from it, since it is from 2013. And, as if that were not enough, the game already had a remastering shortly after for PlayStation 4. That is, some had already played it several times before the release of his remake. I include myself: in my case I had finished it three times by the time its revision for this year arrived. So when it came out I played it for a few hours, I was surprised by the care and technical work that went into the new game, and I left it. From the beginning I had no idea of ​​finishing it and, of course, at no time did I think that its relaunch was intended for me or for an audience like me. But something that often happens to us in the world of video games is that there are many who think that if a release is not for us, it could not be for anyone else either. And to think that me and my tastes represent the full spectrum of the market it’s stupid. Without hot cloths, it is an error of judgment that often clouds the opinions of many people about cinema, video games, music or literature. And I include myself, I don’t think anyone is free of this “sin”, and it is that when I think hot sometimes it also happens to me.

“It is not necessary” is the phrase that was repeated the most times when the game hit stores, but I completely disagree with that opinion. In fact, it seems to me that all this that is happening, the choice of dates and the existence of the remake itself goes to show that the PlayStation brand was so sure of the quality of the HBO series, that they were convinced that it was going to be a very important push for the brand. Because the key to everything is that the series is being watched by all the players of The Last of Us saga, obviously, but also many new people to impact and who did not know about the brand. People interested in audiovisual products who are not familiar with the franchise but who are falling in love with its narrativefor his setting and for him charisma of his characters. All those people are potential public for the IP.

The Last of Us Part 1

The Last of Us Part I

With the certainty that in 2023 they were going to have more stock of consoles, something that different sources have been confirming to us since the second half of 2022 and that has been verified with the greater frequency of inventory in stores (increasingly often without packs, by the way), it seems the best time to have an incentive in stores in the form of a new release for PS5 with which to close the year accompanying God of War Ragnarok and have something fresh for the first quarter of the following. Premiere that, by the way, will also be available on PC in March to further expand the audience of the series with a game that has already been duly amortized during its exclusive period… Guess the riddle, what does it coincide with? Its compatible debut will take place just a week before the broadcast of the last episode of the series. Tell me that all this is not thought and well thought by PlayStation.

Attention to the marketing campaign that the community itself is doing to PlayStation with The Last of Us

Best of all for them is that it is a “new release” with a very low budget and team investment compared to what it would take to make a completely new game in the series to keep up with the series and, better yet, that the promotion is free. Let’s list. Presence on the cover of HBO of each episode, constant announcements on YouTube, networks or Twitch of what is the star series of these first months for the streaming platform and, as if all this were not enough, pay attention to the marketing campaign that the community itself is carrying out free and organically (user-generated, come on) to The Last of Us brand. We have already verified that every Monday for the next nine weeks is what is going to be talked about, in summary: a marketing campaign with a duration like few I have seen and, as I said before, with the added value that they are not messages directed by them with all the artificial, foreign or alienating that this can be for the user, if not generated by the fan himself: extra value. And from all this organic marketing on PlayStation they know for a while how their determined commitment to photo modes to flood the capture networks of their video games during the weeks after the release of their great titles demonstrates. It seems to me that all this clearly supports Sony in relaunching The Last of Us in the form of a technologically cutting-edge remake, something that, let us remember, has been one of its decisions that has been most apparently questioned by fans in recent years (increase in price of PS5 aside, of course).

Because we all want new games, and I, the first, insist that I don’t feel that The Last of Us Part I was designed for a player like me, far from it. But we have to think about how Sony needs to truffle the whole year of releases, and that it costs more and more to make a game from scratch. Not surprisingly, Jason Schreier recently made clear something that is a fact: any Triple-A character game that begins its development today, will not reach this generation: it must come out on PlayStation 6 and the next Xbox. He did it on Twitter with a message that went viral quite logically for the reality of what he says. It costs more and more time and money to develop great works like the ones they do.

And that last year for PlayStation 5 was really good in terms of level releases with Gran Turismo 7, God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, Stray or Ghostwire Tokyo, yes, but also with The Last of Us Remake. The year before too, of course, but with Final Fantasy VII Remake Intermission. In 2020, the same, another great year of titles, but with Demon’s Souls completing the calendar. In 2019 they released Medievil Remake, in 2018 Shadow of the Colossus… And so on. I think we’ve gotten used to PlayStation completing its catalog plan for the year with a re-release of these features every twelve months. Of course, few remakes have been as criticized as The Last of Us, and few make as much commercial sense as this one to benefit from everything that the premiere of the HBO series will bring them. come on, what They only needed that instead of calling it The Last of Us Part 1, they would have called it The Last of Us Season 1.