The Tarn inventors of the anti-drowning t-shirt are looking for a partner on M6

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Philippe Rouvier and Thibault Choulet created their start-up Floatee in Castres, Tarn, which is off to a good start with their anti-drowning t-shirt for children. But to pass a milestone, they are counting on their participation in the program “Who wants to be my partner? on M6 this Wednesday evening.

Their “life-saving” invention is starting to make headlines. And the entrepreneurial adventure of Philippe Rouvier and Thibaut Choulet is off to a good start. The co-founders of the Castres-based company Floatee launched an anti-drowning t-shirt for children aged 18 months to 6 years at the end of last year. Can be worn from morning until evening like any anti-UV T-shirt, it automatically transforms into a life jacket in the event of a fall in the water. The culmination of several months of research and design to meet the technical challenge of this innovation against drowning, the leading cause of accidents in everyday life among children.

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Two people from Tarn invent and market an anti-drowning t-shirt for children

And the two 30-year-old partners, who met in an engineering school in Toulouse, should still pass a course. After the success of their pre-sale on the Ulule crowdfunding platform, which has already enabled them to rack up more than 200 orders since the launch, they are taking part this Wednesday, January 25 from 9:10 p.m. in the program “Who wants to be my associate ? on M6!

Entrepreneurs from Tarn, supported from the beginning by Castres-Mazamet Technopole, will defend, in front of experienced investors, their anti-drowning t-shirt whose lung inside inflates in less than 3 seconds by maintaining the respiratory tract of the child out of the water regardless of their fall position, even if they are unconscious.
OEKO-TEX certified, designed in Occitanie, made in France and reusable, this t-shirt meets both ecological and economic requirements. Recognized and rewarded values ​​since the company Floatee won the competitions of Crédit Mutuel “4S sower of innovation” and Mustela “For a more serene relationship”.

Blaise Matuidi among potential investors

So many arguments that should appeal to investors including Blaise Matuidi, the 2018 world champion footballer with the France team, who is joining this 3rd season of the television show for the first time after creating an investment fund, with great athletes like Antoine Dupont or Teddy Riner, with the aim of supporting young mainstream start-ups.
“For us, it’s the opportunity to find support from an experienced entrepreneur who can help us in negotiations with suppliers and open the doors of his network to us,” explains Philippe Rouvier on the reasons for his participation in “Qui wants to be my partner? on M6. And we hope to find someone who bets and invests in us to allow us to develop the company because bank financing is limited. And finally, it will bring us visibility since the show is watched by more than 2 million viewers. In short, only a bonus for the two friends who promise “several new moments during our visit”.

They are looking for premises and start hiring

A boost that will allow them to accelerate their search for industrial premises with offices in the region in order to leave the Arobase business incubator on the Causse where they are too cramped today compared to production. future. “It’s a very rare item on the market, we didn’t think it would be so difficult to find, confide the bosses of Floatee who have already recruited a communications officer and who are going to hire an assembly technician to help them production and shipping. We have also redone our website so that it is more mature and can respond to the increase in orders after the broadcast of the program.
A show that will also be a lever for them to find distributors of their anti-drowning t-shirt. “We are looking for brands specializing in sport or early childhood or even swimming pool specialists”, explains Philippe Rouvier.

The Castres stars of M6 at the moment

Decidedly, the Castres have the honors of M6 at the moment. There will therefore be Philippe Rouvier and Thibaut Choulet, co-founders of the Castres company Floatee, who will be this Wednesday, January 25 from 9:10 p.m. in the program “Who wants to be my partner? on M6. But there is also Sandra Duluard who is one of the participants of the 7th season of “Ninja warrior, the course of heroes” which began on January 7. And the Tarnaise qualified for the final which will be broadcast on February 4 and 11. Finally, last Sunday, the magazine “66 minutes” did a report on Quentin Doulcier, the young entrepreneur from Castres who made his fortune in real estate.