the third season will be the most faithful to the book

The third season of The Witcher Will make us say goodbye to Henry Cavill as Geralt of Riviaand apparently it will also give us the most faithful adaptation of the booksor at least that’s what he wanted to make his showrunner clear again in a talk after criticism from many fans.

It is not the first time they have done so in recent weeks. A few days ago we echoed some statements by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich where she assured a return to the books“I’m super excited for people to see it and feel heard“. Now in an interview With Entertainment Weekly, the author-producer of The Witcher expands on this idea.

“The third season is, for me, the closest thing to the books that we have done in terms of adaptation. Of course, we do not transpose all the pages, but Hate Time has provided us with several big action moments, plot twists, character-defining moments, and big villain revelations.. There was so much to work with that we managed to stay very true to the book.”

These words came in promoting The Witcher: Origin of Bloodwhich is being beaten by the public to the point of being one of the big budget shows lowest rated in the history of Netflix on Rotten Tomatoes.

Collection of signatures against Netflix

Before the premiere of the prequel, tempers were already heated among a part of the community. The statements from a former writer of the programanswered by his colleagues later, together with the discomfort caused by the departure of the British actor caused thousands of people to sign asking for a change of faces among the creative managers of the show.

The Witcher saga is also topical again in video games after the launch of the next-gen version of The Witcher 3. At the same time, from CD Projekt RED they have announced the remake of the first The Witcher, also having a new saga of The Witcher in development of which there are few details.

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