The Thousand Euros Game is recorded in Lacave

It is in Lacave that the famous game of France Inter, broadcast from Monday to Friday at 12:45 p.m. will stop on November 23. Nicolas Soufflet, the presenter, and his entire team are expected at the village hall, on the occasion of several recordings dedicated to adults and young people. In April 2018, the broadcast of the public channel had chosen to put its microphones in Tourtouse and Lézat. The selected candidates will then have the opportunity to answer the famous blue, white and red questions that the listeners have written. In the event of correct answers, the candidates can go for the banco or even the super-banco allowing in the event of a good answer to win 1000 euros or to lose everything.

At 5 pm (recording of two “adult” programs): reception of the first audience and selection of candidates. The selection is made orally by Nicolas Stoufflet. The candidates are chosen from the room, among the volunteers who best answer its questions.

At 6.30 p.m. (recording of two “adult” programs and one “special young” program): reception of the second audience and selection of candidates (Adults and Young people). Two selections are made orally by Nicolas Stoufflet. Recording of 3 “special young” programs. These are intended for middle and high school students and are broadcast on Wednesdays.

Admission is free, wearing a mask and a valid health pass will be compulsory. Doors open to the public from 4.30 p.m., no reservation or registration possible..