The Toulousain, Liam, the new hero of Ninja Warrior?

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This young 20-year-old Saint-Albanian, French Climbing Champion in 2019, is participating this evening on TFI in the muscular show, Ninja Warrior. He may have some feats in store for us…

This Friday evening, viewers of the prime time show “Ninja Warrior” will discover a new candidate, from Saint-Alban in Haute-Garonne. “It’s a program made for climbers, it was a pleasure for me to take on this challenge,” says Liam Tricoire, 20, French Climbing Champion in 2019. A fan of the show since he was a teenager, the candidate wanted to launch a final sporting challenge before starting his medical studies: “The show was a challenge. I knew that I was going to have to stop the sport because of my studies and I wanted to close my sports period on something that I really wanted to do” says Liam. For those who do not yet know “Ninja Warrior”, the program broadcast by TF1 is an obstacle course to be overcome as quickly as possible without falling into the water, in order to trigger a buzzer.

Accomplished sportsman

An accomplished sportsman, Liam did not however undergo any specific training for the show: “During the period preceding the filming, the sports halls were all closed because of the Covid. I couldn’t do any preparation sessions or try any obstacles in specific rooms. I went there with my climbing level”. Registered hastily, the Saint-Albanais specifies that no group training or on the course takes place before the filming: “We try the course only once, at the time of the filming”. Discreet about his progress in the show, the candidate nevertheless promises viewers an appointment not to be missed: “I can’t say too much about my career but I invite viewers to watch their screens on Friday evening”.

A few hours before the broadcast of the obstacle game that he will watch surrounded by his loved ones, Liam assures that he has no apprehension: “I did not embark on the adventure with the aim of winning but rather to laugh with my friends and my family. I will watch the program in the second degree”. If “Ninja Warrior” 2022 is in its third broadcast, new quarter-final events and new rules will spice up the program: “The new events are fast and thrilling” adds the candidate, more determined than ever.
Will Liam succeed in qualifying for the final? Answer this Friday evening, at 9:05 p.m. on TF1.