The Turkish series that will be seen in Spain in 2022

They promise to be many and we still do not know all of them, but at the moment both Mediaset and Atresmedia have confirmed several titles.

For a long time the phenomenon of Turkish series in our country ceased to be a phenomenon to be completely established in Spain and be part of the regular schedule of two of the multimedia conglomerates: Atresmedia and Mediaset. From the successes of Woman and my daughter, in fact, Atresmedia has reserved several spaces in ‘prime time’ for its series of Turkish origin, while Mediaset has also dedicated ‘slots’ on Telecinco, but it usually broadcasts them through Divinity.

In 2021, several Turkish series have triumphed in Spain beyond those mentioned and the unforgettable one Love is in the Air. In recent months they have also triumphed Innocent, Tierra Amarga or Unfaithful, among other titles, but the networks are already looking for new titles to premiere in 2022.

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They promise to be many and we still do not know all of them, but at the moment both Mediaset and Atresmedia have confirmed several titles.

Take note below of the Turkish series that will be seen in Spain in 2022.

‘All About Marriage’

All About Marriage It premiered in Turkey last September 2021 and quickly, according to audience data, it became a real success. Thus, those who adore series that come directly from the Eurasian country and who are always on the lookout for news, have been rubbing their hands for months before their possible return.

Although there is still no official title in Spanish, its original name could be translated by something like ‘All about marriage’. It remains to be seen what Atresmedia does, since it was recently confirmed that the company had acquired the rights for its broadcast in Spain. As for what to expect from the series, just know that its main objective is to explore marriage from different perspectives, specifically from those of four women from the same family at very different stages of their respective lives and relationships.

Issuance in: Atresmedia

‘Light of hope’

Although its premiere was in December 2021, Light of hope It is the first Turkish series to be talked about in 2022. Fiction became Divinity’s new bet after the end of the successful My home, my destiny and it is meeting all expectations. Mediaset’s new Turkish drama consists of two seasons and a total of 164 episodes lasting 60 minutes each.

Starring the very young Isabella Damla Güvenilir (Elif), Luz de Esperanza tells the story of Ömer, Ipek’s husband, who is falsely accused of a grand theft and ends up in jail. After this event, the young woman goes into premature labor and loses her baby. Or that’s what the prisoner’s family is led to believe. However, the couple in charge of getting rid of the little girl will not end the life of the little girl, in fact, they will raise her as if she were their own. Eleven years later when Ömer, one of the most important men in the country, returns to Turkey to take revenge.

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Yargi It has been one of the most successful series of 2021 in Turkey. Much of its success is due to the fact that fiction moves away from the drama, lies, impossible loves and family conflict to which these fictions have us accustomed. This Turkish series is a judicial drama – yes, we know that the legal part surprises you – in which the paths of Ilgaz and Ceylin cross to find the culprit of a murder. A highly successful attorney and prosecutor albeit with a very different philosophy. All of that is put aside when Ilgaz’s brother is charged with murder and requires Ceylin’s services.

Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz are the protagonists of this title, who have captivated the audience with their good acting. Yargi is an original production and a great bet to break away from the romantic comedies and family dramas common in Turkish series. Behind the cameras we find Ali Bilgin, known for being the director of other successful Turkish series such as Stiletto Vendetta or Sühan: Vengeance and love. Although it is not known when it will be released in Spain -which we are looking forward to seeing-, the rights to this fiction have been acquired by Atresmedia.

Issuance in: Atresmedia (no release date).


Orphans has been the title that Divinity has given to Kirgin Flowers, which last November announced the premiere of this 2018 Turkish series broadcast for three seasons in its country of origin. Set in one of the most exclusive orphanages in Istanbul, the story stars Eylül, a young woman who lost her father when she was little and was sent to boarding school by her mother when her stepfather began to harass her.

Coming to the orphanage is not easy for her. There you will find friendships, but also enmities, while establishing an important bond with the director of the center. This, for its part, also has its own problems.

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