The Voice all stars: Nikos Aliagas interrupts a candidate live!

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The semi-final of “The Voice” made it possible to designate the six candidates who will contest the final next week. The evening was marked by several technical incidents.

Each year, the live broadcasts of “The Voice” are tuned to the millimeter. The candidates, mostly amateurs, provide their services with confidence. Several rehearsals take place naturally on the previous days. Saturday evening, an incident disrupted the smooth running of the semi-final.

Anthony Touma, candidate from Lebanon, was singing “Dirty Diana” by Mickaël Jackson, surrounded by dancers, for a big minute when Nikos Aliagas burst on stage and interrupted the performance: “In fact, there was a small problem technical, it happens, we are live and it is magnificent because it is the fragility and the power of the direct “. Anthony Touma’s microphone had a technical problem and no longer worked, which did not prevent the candidate from continuing his performance. Nikos Aliagas then again introduced Anthony Touma who started his performance again.

Anthony Touma’s second performance went off without a hitch.

Anthony Touma I’m not a big fan but I admit that he has a great voice and this professionalism during this live problem … Hats off to the artist #TheVoiceAllStars

– Ludovic came to Skaikru (@ Ludovic61580074) October 16, 2021

If the production of “The Voice” highlights the candidates between the musical arrangements of the musicians, the choreographies or the lights, it seems to have forced a little on the smoke, Saturday evening. From the start of the semi-final, when thick smoke was struggling to dissipate, Nikos Aliagas alluded to it. A little later on the show, he asked a candidate to be careful going down the steps due to the smoke.

During the evening, Nikos Aliagas launched to Florent Pagny, one of the coaches: “It’s rare to see you in a cloud of smoke Florent Pagny”. The singer answered him tit for tat: “It’s not that rare but here we are live”.

“- It’s rare to see you in a cloud of smoke Florent Pagny ..
– It’s not that rare but here we are live .. “

Mdrrrr what crack. ???#TheVoiceAllStars #TheVoice

— Giraffeud83cudf39 (@Giraffe17000) October 16, 2021

Nikos: “Florent, it’s rare to see you in a cloud of smoke”
Pagny: “It’s not that rare, but here we are live, it’s not me”

???#TheVoiceAllStars #franceverte

– Aurélien BERNARD (@AurelienBrnrd) October 16, 2021

For this semi-final, the show lasted more than three hours. The show ended at 12:35 a.m. The fifteen candidates in the running were separated into five pools of three candidates by drawing lots. Viewers could save one candidate per pool as well as a sixth talent of their choice. These six candidates will contest the final next week.

In Pool 1, MB14 qualified for the final. He had sung an impressive version of “Stairway to heaven” by Led Zeppelin. He was in competition with Louis Delort and Paul. In pool 2, Amalya got her ticket to the final with Mickaël Jackson’s “Earth song” against Dominique Magloire and Victoria Adamo. Pool 3 saw the victory of Anne Sila. By singing “Je te promis” by Johnny Hallyday, she has more viewers than Flo Malley and Gjon’s Tears. Pool n ° 4 was won by Manon with “I come from the south” by Michel Sardou. She was in competition with Anthony Touma and Demi Mondaine. Pool # 5 which included Terence, Antoine Galley and Will Barber was won by Terence with his cover of “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston. The sixth and final finalist drafted by viewers was Louis Delort.

The finale of “The Voice all stars” will therefore oppose:

  • MB14
  • Amalya
  • Anne Sila
  • Manon
  • Terence
  • Louis Delort

The final of “The Voice all stars” will be broadcast next Saturday at 9:05 pm on TF1.