‘The Walking Dead’ (11×08): death and war in Meridian and Alexandria on the edge in the first great denouement of the final stretch

Everything we know about the eighth episode, ‘For Blood’, which premieres next Sunday, October 10 on AMC and simultaneously on FOX Spain, which will premiere the dual version the next day.

The last season of The Walking Dead is about to experience its first ending. The eleventh installment of the zombie fiction will consist of 24 episodes and will be broadcast in three batches of eight chapters, the first of which is the one we say goodbye to next Sunday, October 10. Subsequently, it will be in 2022 when the followers of zombie fiction enjoy the remaining two parts, especially the third, which will be the one that closes the story that has accompanied us for more than a decade definitively.

Thus, although the episode that is broadcast next Sunday on AMC – and simultaneously at dawn by FOX Spain – is not exactly a ‘midseason’ ending, ‘For Blood’ (11×08) Yes, it will taste like an outcome and the team has put all the meat on the grill to take the action to the top. For this, the previous chapter had already laid the foundations, in which Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) were preparing for their great attack on Meridian, and as we can see in the trailer of the chapter that heads this news, the Alexandria residents will also be having a darkest experience.

We summarize you below everything you can expect from ‘For Blood’ (11×08), the first grand finale of the last season of The Walking Dead:



Undoubtedly one of the key pieces at the end of this first part is the arrival of the “war” about to be fought in Meridian, with the arrival in the community that had been the home of Maggie and her son during the time they were out of the horde of walkers that the former leader of Hilltop and Negan have led there.

When the horde surpasses the walls, Maggie can thus take revenge on the Reapers, responsible for the deaths of many loved ones and the loss of their community, while, if things go their way, they could obtain the necessary supplies to save to a starving Alexandria.

We bet that it will be the last final moments that will reveal the final result, but it is fair to assume that it is the end of the battle against the Reapers and that the group faces new horizons from this episode.


Within the walls of Meridian, it is impossible not to think about it, is Daryl (Norman Reedus), who at the beginning of the season reunited with his ex Leah (Lynn Collins), now a member of the group of enemies. Daryl’s loyalty to his people has already been more than proven, despite initial doubts, but What about Leah?

Maggie and Negan’s attack could well take down the Reapers, but what will happen to Leah, whether she will stick with her group or not, is a mystery. Thus, the episode could well be the final end of the former couple or become the beginning of their new relationship if Leah ends up cutting off her current group and following Daryl on his return to Alexandria.


While in Meridian the new war between communities is fought, Alexandria has to keep resisting, Although, to assume from the images we see in the trailer, things will not be exactly easy for Rosita (Christian Serratos), Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming) and company. A savage blizzard will cause trouble for those still within its walls, and depending on the level of damage, perhaps it will end up being the turning point they needed to end up fleeing to another place … The Commomwealth?

“The way we have approached the episode has been like a normal ‘midseason’ ending, because we had already worked on the generic way that the first nine episodes would have before knowing that this would be the last season,” explains Angela Kang, the ‘showrunner’, to Entertainment Weekly. “We had to change a few things along the way.”

[El final de esta primera parte] It is not going to completely close the stories, because we have a lot of loose ends. But we will see how things begin to converge and reach a high level in the drama.

After the broadcast of ‘For Blood’ (11×08), season 11 of The Walking Dead will arrive in early 2022 with eight new episodes.