‘The Walking Dead’ addresses the most anticipated conversation between Maggie and Negan: “I would have killed you all”

The survivors speak of the victims that occurred on both sides of the Total War.

The seventh episode of season 11 of The Walking Dead Not only has it laid the groundwork for the outcome of the first part of the latest installment of zombie fiction, but it has also hosted the most anticipated conversation between Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). With the dynamic between the two survivors – victim and executioner – being the most anticipated by fans of the series since the former Hilltop leader returned to find that Glenn’s killer was now a free man, the series team has bet for leading the survivors on their own adventure apart from the rest of the group and forcing them to interact.

For several episodes, Maggie and Negan They have flaunted their contempt and different ways of seeing things, but they have also saved each other’s lives and have been forced to survive in a most hostile scenario in which they have lost some of their companions. But it was not until the episode broadcast last night on AMC and simultaneously by FOX Spain, ‘Promises Broken’ (11×07), that the characters had their most anticipated conversation.

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On his mission to Meridian, Negan empathizes with Maggie and the community she helped build and later lost completely as a result of her war against the Reapers. “I remember when my house was invaded and my people were killed. My men suffered a loss that I could not heal. And I had to explain to them why their leader had failed in the mission to protect them,” he snapped at Maggie, reminding her of that first attack in the that Rick and his men killed a good handful of Saviors while they slept.

You killed people who had families. And you did it in front of their families

Maggie’s response, in clear reference to Glenn (Steven Yeun), makes the viewers’ hair stand on end when they remember that fateful moment in the season 7 premiere. A moment that none of them will be able to forget and that will always mark Negan as part of the group no matter how much it has been redeemed years later. The former leader of the Saviors did not deny what he did, but he did justify it: “The world is different now, Maggie. Fewer people to fight for and with. There are fewer things to fight for.”

Would you have done things differently? She asks. And his answer leaves us in one piece:

Yes. If I could live it all over again I would have killed you all

“From Negan’s perspective, [los salvadores que murieron mientras dormían] they were people who wanted to live their lives, “recalls ‘showrunner’ Angela Kang on the show after the episode was broadcast. The Walking Dead: Episode Insider. “They had families, there was Gracie. Once you look at it and change sides, some things change too. They were human people who lost their lives.”

“We’ve talked about whether Negan regrets killing Glenn,” Kang says. “And I don’t think he will. I think he thinks it was the strategic move that was necessary.”

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Although many followers of the series believe that there is a certain ‘feeling’ between the two survivors, the truth is that no matter how much they survive together, the chances of reconciliation between them are quite slim. They spoke about it themselves in statements to SensaCine at the beginning of the new season: “I don’t know if we will achieve an easy solution without consequences, to be honest, and I don’t think it’s possible to just let it be.. […] It is a challenge how these two characters are going to get along in the long term and how their relationship is going to be, “explained Cohan.

For his part, Norman Reedus would solve it with a good kiss, although to get serious immediately afterwards he offered a more interesting reflection: “Negan has done some good things but for our characters, he will always be the bad guy, and there are many things in this world. that make you look like the bad guy even when you do good things. “Time is passing and I think I would let them figure it out themselves.”

The eighth episode ‘For Blood’ (11 × 08) is the last of the first part of the final season and it will premiere next Sunday, October 10 on AMC and simultaneously on FOX Spain, which will premiere the dual version the next day.