‘The Walking Dead’ dismisses a widespread theory about Rick Grimes in ‘World Beyond’

The second season of the second ‘spin-off’ of the zombie franchise will put the finishing touch to its story, but it continues to pave the way for films starring Andrew Lincoln.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond is moving forward with its second season on AMC, and with its final denouement on the horizon, there’s no time for half measures. The team led by Matt Negrete has a story to tell and has put all the meat on the grill so that the third series in the universe The Walking Dead become a indispensable piece within the franchise even despite its short duration. The second ‘spin-off’ of the original series was conceived from scratch for a duration of two seasons. and the plans have been maintained even after its excellent reception by the spectators.

Set several years after the start of the zombie apocalypse and starring the first generation of survivors who have come of age living in a world riddled with the undead, The Walking Dead: World Beyond has been the piece of the franchise that has contributed the most clues about Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) since the former leader of Alexandria disappeared from the map in the ninth season of the original series.

At the end of the day, one of its elements is the Military Civic Republic, better known as CRM, the advanced and authoritarian organization that functions as an antagonist and to which the helicopter that picked up Rick after the warning of Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) belonged. Since they began to know more about her and knowing the fact that the former sheriff passed by, viewers have not stopped searching for clues about the famous survivor, even knowing that the definitive answer to what happened to him will not come until the movies starring Andrew Lincoln.

The entrance on the scene of Jadis in season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond has put Rick Grimes on everyone’s lips again and, although he has not revealed what happened to him, he is providing some interesting data. The first of them in the first chapter in which the former leader of the landfill community appeared, in which she confirmed that she had given Rick to them as “something very valuable”; and now, in this week’s episode, debunking a widespread theory.


If you are watching The Walking Dead: World Beyond You know that although one of the big shots in the MCA is Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Kublek, played by veteran Julia Ormond, there is someone much more powerful whom we have not yet been able to meet. Its about Lieutenant General Beale, the highest command of the Military Civic Republic and supposedly the person who has given the order to eliminate the communities that may be a threat to the organization’s activities.

For some time there has been a theory that pointed to Rick Grimes as Lieutenant General Beale and, even more so, since Jadis assured that he had delivered someone “very valuable” to them. However, the reveal of the seventh episode of the second season of the series, ‘Blood an Lies’ (2×07), Mason (Will Meyers) revealed to Hope Bennett (Alexa Mansour) that Lieutenant General Beale is his father. A surprising news that, in addition, he completely rules out the possibility that he is Rick Grimes, banishing once and for all a theory that seemed like a rather unfair fate for the one who for almost a decade had been our hero.

Where’s Rick Grimes? ‘The Walking Dead’ offers new clues to his whereabouts in ‘World Beyond’

With what the second season of The Walking Dead: World BeyondIt is clear that Lieutenant General Beale, as responsible for the deaths of more than 100,000 people, is one of the worst villains in the universe of the series. Will he be the main antagonist of the Rick Grimes movies?


Another detail to keep in mind is that, reveal what reveal The Walking Dead: World Beyond in its final stretch, its consequences can only be explored in the movies or in other titles within the franchiseas there are no plans to continue.

This was stated by Matt Negrete in an interview with SensaCine on the occasion of the premiere of season 2 on AMC Spain: from the outset, the series was conceived as a two-season project and no new installments have been planned.

Matt Negrete, creator of ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’: “We have been very aware of the influence of Jadis on Rick’s story”

Both I and everyone on the team have written the story to end. But who knows? It is a very wide universe that will continue to exist after the series ends. So I would never rule out the possibility that some of our characters have the potential to appear elsewhere. In another series, in his own series … “, Negrete assured.” But my focus now is on telling a compelling story that this season 2 is perceived as a denouement. The end of the characters is not necessary, only this episode of their lives. “