‘The Walking Dead’: premiere date, trailer, reunions and what to expect from the second part of season 11

The second half of the last installment of zombie fiction will be released on February 20, 2022 at AMC and simultaneously in our country by FOX Spain.

Leah is now the leader of the Reapers and Judith and Gracie are trapped in Alexandria. This is how, almost without realizing it, we left behind the first part of the final season of The Walking Dead, that It will resume its plots already in 2022 with a second part that will once again consist of eight episodes and that, this time, will lay the foundations for the final final stretch. With the lives of some of the characters hanging by a thread, about to turn the page with the Reapers and with the Commonwealth more present than ever, ‘For Blood’ (11×08) has said goodbye with the flavor of ‘midseason’ and a new wait begins. However, it does so with a date on the horizon, since this weekend AMC has taken the opportunity to announce the day on which the season 11 of The Walking Dead returns with new episodes.

The announcement of the release date has taken place through a preview, which you can see on these lines. Below we summarize everything you need to know about the second part of season 11 of The Walking Dead. From the date of the new episodes, to who will be present and who will not or what we can expect from the plots after the events of ‘For Blood’. Take note!

When does ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11 – Part 2 premiere?

The second part of the final season of the long-lived zombie fiction It will premiere on AMC on February 20, 2022. However, as already happened in the first part, the American public that is a customer of the AMC + service will be able to enjoy each episode a week before. Regarding its broadcast in our country, FOX Spain will broadcast the chapters simultaneously with subtitles at dawn from Sunday to Monday, while the version dubbed into Spanish will be broadcast on ‘prime time’ the same Monday, just 24 hours later.

There is still no date for the debut of the third part, the eight episodes that will put the final finishing touch on the story, but it has been anticipated that it will be in 2022. Also, according to initial calculations, if there are no breaks for holidays or other reasons, the second part of season 11 could say goodbye on April 10.

What does the trailer for the new episodes reveal?

It is short and it will not be until the beginning of the year, predictably, that we get the official trailer, but the advance of the second part released by AMC to announce the premiere date has allowed us to see the reunion between Daryl (Norman Reedus) and his beloved Judith (Cailey Fleming), which makes us think that the young woman will not die in Alexandria despite the unbalance of the episode, as well as seeing Laila Robins in action as Pamela Milton, the Governor of the Commonwealth, whom we are looking forward to knowing more in depth .

We also know that the two communities are about to converge, as Mercer (Michael James Shaw) is shown in front of Daryl, Rosita (Christian Serratos) and company in his characteristic red soldier uniform.

What to expect from the second part of season 11 of ‘The Walking Dead’?

First of all, this is the official synopsis of the new stage facing the series:

Many of our heroes will be fighting fire under attack from the Reapers, while others fight the torrential wrath of Mother Nature in Alexandria. For everyone, their world is literally collapsing around them. Meanwhile, life in the Commonwealth is not as idyllic as it seems. For some, their hope will be renewed. Others will be pushed past the point of no return. There is a truth that stands firm: lives hang by a thread and each decision drastically changes their future, their chances of survival and the state of each community.

The end of Leah and Daryl?

Leah is now the leader of the Reapers and has chosen her family over Daryl despite his proposal. However, it could have ended the lives of Maggie and company while they were on their way for supplies and it has not. Instead, the survivor executed her leader, Pope, although she accused Daryl of having done it in front of the rest of the companions.

We don’t know how much longer they will be in the flames of Meridian, but it seems Leah and Daryl are over and, with them, so is the confrontation.

The meeting between Alexandria and the Commonwealth

The two star communities are destined to meet and it seems that it will also happen in the second part of season 11. You just have to watch the moment of the trailer when Mercer meets Daryl, Rosita and, we assume, a few more characters. What dynamics will occur between the two groups of survivors? What can we expect from Pamela Milton?

We will no doubt continue to learn more about the developed community in the new episodes, as Alexandria tries to be reborn from a situation that, after the devastation of the storm, will be even more untenable.