‘The Walking Dead’: Season 11B First Image Reveals Maggie Surviving

In the new batch of zombie fiction episodes we discover the consequences of the attack by the Reapers. It will premiere on AMC on February 20, 2022.

The Walking Dead will return next February 20 at AMC with the premiere of the second batch of episodes of season 11. To whet your appetite, TVLine has exclusively published a first look at the new chapters and, for now, confirms one thing: that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) has survived the attack by the Reapers with his hwacha and, although she is wounded and bloody, her desire to fight has not been taken away.

Judging by the look on her face and pose, Leah and her team are soon to discover what a vengeful Maggie is. They will discover it throughout the eight episodes that season 11 B of The Walking Dead, which will lay the foundations for the final stretch, which will be released throughout 2022, still without a confirmed date.

Next February we will return to the war started by the Reapers, now with a new leader. At the end of the first part, Leah (Lynn Collins) killed Pope and took his place, betraying her former friends, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Maggie. Meanwhile, Judith (Cailey Fleming) is trapped in Alexandria, but there is hope for her survival. The advancement of the new episodes showed the reunion between her and Daryl. Everything is fine.

‘The Walking Dead’: premiere date, trailer, reunions and what to expect from the second part of season 11

According to the official synopsis of the eleventh installment (second part), the heroes will continue to “fight against fire under attack by the reapers” while the inhabitants of Alexandria face the wrath of Mother Nature. The world is literally falling apart. The Commonwealth will appear much longer on the scene and will teach us that its existence is not as idyllic as it seems. “There is a truth that remains firm: lives hang by a thread and each decision drastically changes their future, their chances of survival and the state of each community,” reads the summary.

The second part of the final season of The Walking Dead It will premiere on AMC on February 20, 2022. In Spain, thanks to FOX, we will be able to enjoy the episodes simultaneously with subtitles at dawn from Sunday to Monday, while the version dubbed into Spanish will be broadcast in ‘prime time’ on same Monday, 24 hours later.

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