‘The Walking Dead’: Stephanie becomes Eugene’s poison apple in season 11

The fifth episode of this latest installment has shown the threat that this new character will pose to Alexandria.

‘From the ashes’, the fifth episode of season 11 of The Walking Dead has once again put its protagonists in front of the ropes. Several fronts have remained open for next week’s chapter, but especially the fate of some of the people’s relationships. Like Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Stephanie. Will they have a happy ending or at least a real ending?

During season 10, Eugene took radio contact with Stephanie creating a special bond despite the distance. The voice that played her character was actress Margot Bingham, a completely different person from the interpreter who gives life to the Stephanie that Eugene now meets. This fact has already set off alarms, however, the charade has only just begun.

Throughout the episode Eugen and the fake Stephanie (Chelle Ramos) spend time together within the Commonwealth, even heading to the ice cream stand where, coincidentally, the series shows the real Stephanie a woman who picks up an order of free ice cream for the governor of the community, Pamela Milton. An even more concrete detail is that this character chooses the real Stephanie’s favorite ice cream flavor, Rocky Road. However, Eugene never seems to distrust the fake Stephanie.

But the real catch comes when Stephanie tries to create a ruse that makes Eugene was drawn into stealthily using the radio to contact Alexandria. Under this plan hides the figure of Mercer, whose objective is none other than to force Eugene to disclose more details about the people they contacted by radio or otherwise exiled from the Commonwealth.

Despite the end result and the retaliation that may arise for Eugene from now on, the point is that the false Stephanie has not been unmasked, and everything indicates that he will continue with a plan in the chamber to use Eugene at will under Mercer’s orders. Meanwhile, the real Stephanie has not come to light. Will Eugene ever realize that the woman he’s spending time with and falling in love with has impersonated his identity?