‘The Walking Dead’ surprises a shocking type of survivors not seen to date

The sixth episode of season 11, ‘On the Inside’ (11×06), was broadcast last night on AMC and simultaneously by FOX Esapaña, which premieres its dual version tonight.

Eleven seasons and more than 150 episodes later you thought you had seen it all in The Walking Dead. But her ‘showrunner’ Angela Kang had already warned us that no, that season 11 promised surprises and stories never seen before that would leave us with our mouths open, so we can assume that the screenwriter was referring then, among other things, to the sixth episode broadcast last night on AMC and simultaneously by FOX Spain.

Warning: Key details of ‘On the Inside’ (11×06) are revealed below, so if you haven’t seen it yet, you’d better stop reading now.

If the Governor of Woodbury or even Negan himself gave you the creeps, Terminus gave you the creeps and the group known as the Marauders made you see that things looked really ugly in the fictional zombie apocalypse, the episode of the season. eleven ‘On the Inside’ (11×06) has introduced a terrifying new enemy: wild humans who practice cannibalism.

After escaping from the Whisperer horde, Connie (Lauren Ridloff), whom her classmates give up for dead since she was separated from Magna but whose survival is confirmed in the season 10 finale, has been completely missing, but last night’s episode brought us back together with her in a flash. once and for all. The one in charge of finding her is Virgil (Kevin Carroll), another character that we had misplaced and who finds himself looking for the people of Michonne in the hope of being able to move on with his life.

Since their meeting, both have tried to find their way back to Alexandria, but it has not been easy at all and this is demonstrated by last night’s episode, in which, in their escape, the duo find refuge in an abandoned house that turns out to be a trap. Far from being empty, who resides in it is a group of humans who have gone wild and who have attracted them to the place with the aim of killing and devouring them.

Fortunately, Connie’s quick mind allowed them to escape, but, as viewers, we continue to hallucinate with this new type of survivors that although they fit perfectly in the universe of The Walking Dead it had never been raised by zombie fiction. We had seen cannibals yes, but it is the first time we’ve seen humans who have lost their humanity and gone wild since the series first debuted on AMC in 2010.

Although the series does not explain how these people became fierce cannibals is not explored in the episode, it can be speculated that they were young children when the zombie apocalypse broke out and that they did not get the opportunity to carry out a normal human interaction. In fact, the house they live in could have been fortified against the zombies by whoever was their caretaker in the past and that this would never have returned alive after an outing in search of supplies.

“We wanted a big ticket for Lauren Ridloff,” Kang explains to Entertainment Weekland. “And then we thought, ‘Let’s put her together with Virgil in a kind of horror movie for one episode.’ And so we started thinking of something that was different from Commonwealth and Reapers history.”

We started talking about the types of people in the world who are even further away than anything we’ve ever seen before. And I don’t really remember who came up with this, but we thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be interesting to see people who have been out there so long that they have just gone wild?’

“And that’s how we came up with this crazy idea and we started to develop it from there. And then of course Greg Nicotero helped us fine-tune what the looks and movements of this group would be. It really was a very collaborative process. fun, “recalls Kang.

Without a doubt, a really effective way to reintroduce Connie. Meanwhile, after the broadcast of ‘On the Inside’ (11×06), two episodes separate us from the end of the first part of the season 11 of The Walking Dead.