‘The Walking Dead’ will explore Jadis’ story over the past 6 years in ‘World Beyond’

Clues about Rick Grimes are more than assured. Season 2 of the franchise’s third series premieres October 3 on AMC.

The presence of Jadis in The Walking Dead: World Beyond not only provides a ‘crossover’ of those that fans like to see so much since the franchise began to expand with ‘spin-offs’, but will serve to serve them on a tray information about Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his whereabouts after being picked up by the MCA helicopter. A few weeks ago it was confirmed that the survivor, leader of the strange group of survivors who lived among mountains of scrap metal and who did their bit to end the Saviors, would be part of the second season of the second ‘spin-off’, this once in the form of a sequel, of The Walking Dead. Now, the ‘showrunner’ of the series Matt Negrete has advanced some details on what the reentry of the character will mean by Pollyanna McIntosh in the franchise.

“In the trailer, when we reveal that Jadis is going to be a part of this series, there is some dialogue that accompanies what we see,” recalls the producer and scriptwriter of the series in statements to Entertainment Weekly. “She’s talking about how much she believes in CRM. She sees it as the last light in the world. We don’t know if it’s a sham or if it’s real, but that’s what she’s saying.”

In any case, we will find out. According to Negrete, the clothes Jadis wears in the trailer is a clue and the second season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond is going to explore in depth what it means: “He wears the RCM uniform, and he also has a very interesting badge that we haven’t seen before on a uniform. So it may be a different part of the CMR and we are going to reveal more about that”.

Jadis returns to ‘The Walking Dead’ from the hand of ‘World Beyond’ and with clues of what happened to Rick Grimes

Another thing that the new installment of the series will not overlook is the passage of time. After all, the last time we saw Jadis, the leader of the scrap dealers was flying with Rick in the helicopter that picked him up when he was seriously injured. What happened to Andrew Lincoln’s character we won’t know until the character-centric movies, but we will get some clues and important information from finding out what happened to Jadis all this time.

Six years have passed and we are not going to ignore those six years that have passed since Anne left the series [‘The Walking Dead’] and his arrival at this [‘World Beyond’]. He’s going to talk a bit about what happened to him since he got on that helicopter with Rick. And I think from a ‘The Walking Dead’ fan’s perspective it’s going to be very intriguing.

In addition, Negrete is especially excited about the idea, since the first time he wrote script lines for Jadis, he was working on the team of The Walking Dead and she is already fond of the character: “It is exciting to have her in the series. Jadis, for me, was a very interesting character. She is very ambitious. And she is a survivor. He’s going to do whatever it takes to survive. “

“We already saw it in The Walking Dead, when she became the leader of this group that lived among scrap metal mounds. And now we’re going to see a very different iteration of Jadis, where he has new goals, some new goals. “

On the one hand, she is still the same Jadis as before, but we are going to discover new sides about the character that I am looking forward to everyone seeing.

Season 2 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which will also be the same, will be released on October 3 at AMC and in our country by AMC Spain.