“The week is off to a great start”: Jean-Luc Reichmann has his scooter stolen in the middle of the night

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The famous TF1 host had his scooter stolen in the middle of the night. In a video, he spoke out to comment on the theft.

Real Blue Monday for Jean-Luc Reichmann… The famous TF1 host shared a video on the night of January 15 to 16, 2023 on his Twitter account to announce that his scooter had been stolen. Visibly out of bed, the presenter from Toulouse of the famous program “Les 12 coups de midi” seems to blame the blow.

“In the middle of the night, the scooter has just been stolen from me. The week is starting off really well,” he wrote in commentary to his video on which we can see a police van. “Come on, it’s a little hard this week”, concedes Jean-Luc Reichmann with the hoarse voice of the alarm clock while trying to take the event with philosophy: “That’s life” (“It’s life”, in French) .

The host will be able to console himself with the many messages of support from his fans and Internet users. “I hope it was not a robbery. Anyway, courage Jean-Luc” or “Bon courage” or simple “courage”.