‘The wheel of luck’ opens its casting: the requirements to participate in the contest presented by Jorge Fernández

The legendary Antena 3 program is looking for new “fun” and “lively” contestants for the next installments.


Do you want to participate in the wheel of luck? If you have always thought that you would be a great contestant, this is your moment. The mythical contest presented by Jorge Fernández has just opened its casting to get new participants for future installments. A unique opportunity in which there is only three essential requirements to attend the successful Antena 3 program.

the wheel of luck is one of the most successful formats of the main Atresmedia channel. And it is that it has no rival in its time slot, since it has an average of 20% share and 1.7 million viewers. Some data that are the envy of all its competitors, and that are very far away. Undoubtedly, the after-dinners are from the mythical contest and the data proves it.

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One of its highlights are the contestants who come to the set of the program. Fun, animated and very charismatic are the main qualities that most of the participants have. And this is what Antena 3 is looking for in the casting that has just opened, but there are other requirements that are also important.

The private channel announced this casting opening and outlined the three fundamental requirements to become part of the selection process: not having participated in the contest before (since 2006), be of legal age and reside in Spain. If you meet these conditions, and want to compete in the wheel of luckyou just have to fill out the form that appears in the tweet, which you will see below these lines.

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Of course, in said form you will have to send about three photos and a video presenting yourself with a list of the most curious requirements. “Smile, be natural, tell us why you would be a good contestant, tell us something interesting about yourself, show off any special skills, it doesn’t look like you just got updo not record it after a bad night, do not record it hidden somewhere, speak loudly, do not hesitate, choose a place where you can speak loud and clear and have fun,” they say from the program.

“Have you been solving the panels from home for a long time and are you very good? Your time has come Sign up!“, they encourage from the official Twitter account of Antena 3. By the way, some users of the well-known social network have confessed that they pay you 5 euros an hour on filming days and that more than one episode is recorded every day.

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