‘The Wheel of Time’: 7 facts that will come in handy to know if you want to venture to read Robert Jordan’s book saga

Rafe Judkins’ adaptation for Amazon Prime Video is already the most watched on the streaming platform in 2021.

Just a few days on the streaming platform and three episodes has been all it took The Wheel of Time, the adaptation of the homonymous literary saga by Robert Jordan, to become one of the biggest hits of Amazon Prime Video. This is what they assure from the streaming platform itself, which for months has managed to generate great expectation for what was one of its most ambitious projects. Amazon’s work in generating excitement around the series well beyond readers of the literary saga who were already interested has paid off and, although no specific issues have been published, the company already refers to The Wheel of Time as its most viewed original series in 2021.

We can firmly say that ‘The Wheel of Time’ has been the premiere of a most watched series of the year and one of the Top 5 series launches of all time for Prime Video

These are the words of the director of Amazon Studios, Jennifer Salke, in statements to the film and series portal Deadline, in which it also promises, without specific numbers, that there were “tens and tens of millions of reproductions of The Wheel of Time in its first three days “after the debut last Friday. In addition, the board has also revealed the countries where there have been more interested subscribers: United States, India, Brazil, Canada, France and Germany.

In addition to the success on Amazon Prime Video, which you see on The Wheel of Time as an excellent score for your next fantasy releases, the series developed by Rafe Judkins has grown interest in Robert Jordan’s novels. As it happened with and the Song of ice and fireGame of Thrones de George R.R. Martin.

If you are among those interested in embarking on the adventure of the famous fantasy literary saga, here are a few facts that can help you put yourself in the situation. Take note!


The Wheel of Time is a literary saga made up of 14 novels in total:

  1. The Eye of the World
  2. The great hunt
  3. The dragon reborn
  4. The rise of the shadow
  5. Sky on fire
  6. Lord of chaos
  7. The crown of swords
  8. The path of daggers
  9. Winter heart
  10. Crossroads at twilight
  11. Dream knife
  12. Storm
  13. Midnight towers
  14. A memory of light

However, in Spain it has several editions and, in some of them, there are not 14 novels, but 20 volumes in total. Currently, the incredible epic fantasy saga of Robert Jordan has a very new and really beautiful edition in the Minotauro de Planeta Publishing House, which is made up of 14 volumes, as they were originally published. Also, in the next few days a case with the first three books will go on sale.

On the other hand, we find the publisher Timun Mas who were the first to edit the saga. Its editions -among which we find a newer and more showy one, and the oldest and most recognizable by those who knew the saga a long time ago-, however, do consist of 20 volumes. Therefore, the titles do not match.

Guide to enter ‘The Wheel of Time’, the fantasy series that does not make the biggest mistake of ‘Game of Thrones’


We know that there are 14 books, but if you are interested in getting a more approximate idea of ​​the time it will take to read the entire saga, it is good that you know how many pages approximately each of the books has.

And we already anticipate that they are not small.

Each of the novels has a different duration, the average of which ranges between approximately 700 and 900 pages. The shortest volume is the eighth, The path of daggers, with 672 pages, while the longest is the sixth, Lord of chaos, with 987 pages.

How long it takes to read them depends on your reading rhythm, but, as an estimate, it is interesting that listening to the audiobooks would take you 461 hours.


Definitely yes. The Wheel of Time is narrated in a linear way and the correct way to read it is in order.

There is a prequel, published in 2004, which is called New Spring. You can read it sooner or later, but really the story of The Wheel of Time It starts with The Eye of the World and is the optimal book to start with.


If you are not familiar with the saga, you may not know its story, which is quite popular because, when it was not yet finished, its author Robert Jordan passed away.

Published between 1990 and 2013, the story has been slow to be told from beginning to end no more and no less than 23 years. However, being 14 novels, it is clear that the rate of publication has been good, there have not been too long waits between one book and the next. The longest occurred as a result of the death of the author of the saga, who died in 2007 due to a serious illness.

Dictionary of ‘The Wheel of Time’: ABC to understand the One Power and other terms of the Amazon series

The writer had already announced a year earlier that he had been diagnosed with cardiac amyloidosis and that he only had a few years to live. At the time of his death, Robert Jordan was working on what he planned to be the twelfth and final novel in the series, but was never able to complete it. Fortunately, aware of her illness and with the desire for it to be completed, she left the necessary notes for another author to complete the task. The writer who took over the mission to finish the saga was acclaimed science fiction author Brandon Sanderson, who would sign the last three books.


As we mentioned above, there is a prequel published in 2004 under the title New Spring. Interestingly, that prequel would be the first thing Dabel publishers adapted when they set out to adapt the series in comic form. However, the adaptation process of the rest of the saga has been quite slow and the adaptation of the first book was barely completed, The eye of the world.

Regarding other formats, there is a PC game, a role-playing game, a soundtrack composed for the saga, and currently the television series released on Amazon, for which several failed projects and many years of development have been necessary.


Yes. Precisely in Spain, a week before the premiere of the series on Amazon, ‘El Ojo del Mundo’ was premiered exclusively at Storytel. It is the first time that the epic fantasy saga can be heard in audio format and has been done by the narrators Lola Sans and Francesc Góngora. It lasts for 38 hours.


The adaptation of the series carried out by Rafe Judkins for Amazon Prime Video mostly respects the original material, although changes have been made to facilitate the change of language and allow the story to fit a series with a certain number of episodes and a specified duration. Judkins, a faithful reader of the original work, admits to having made changes, but has always had the advice of Brandon Sanderson and Jordan’s widow, Harriett McDougal.

The creator of ‘The Wheel of Time’ confesses to having collided with the author about the direction the series should take

Judkins said in his day that the only changes he would make would be related to the need to adapt the story as a television series, although on some occasions, as he has explained, Sanderson and he have maintained different views, and, depending on which cases, have followed through with the author’s recommendation or kept their initial idea.

Precisely, on one of the changes -the fact of expanding the possibility of being the Dragon Reborn also to women and not only men-, the ‘showrunner’ opened recently: “The change is not only related to the fact that a woman can be the Dragon. The overall change we made was to make people not 100% convinced that these 3000 years of prophecies were 100% accurate. “