The wink of ‘Puñales por el espalda 2’ to one of the biggest riddles in history: some take up to 6 months to solve it

The Rian Johnson film is available on Netflix.

daggers in the back 2

Two years have passed since the successful Puñales por el espalda premiered. Now, its predecessor, Daggers in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion, has managed to captivate the public, but this time on Netflix.

In addition to having to solve the great mystery of a series of murders, detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) has been very entertained during all this time, although he knew little about every case to solve.

However, deceit and conspiracies aside, there is a scene on the tape that hides a famous case and that you surely were unaware of and had overlooked. In the first scene of this character on the tape, we can see him submerged in the bathtub on his floor. In the bathroom there are several books scattered throughout the room.

But one of those books is more than a stage prop. In reddit A whole thread of comments and experiences has started that bring together this famous book.

Daggers in the Back: The Glass Onion Mystery