‘The Witcher’: Netflix doubles Henry Cavill’s salary in season 2

The actor ranks high on the list of highest paid performers, headed by Robert Downey Jr ..

The series of The Witcher It has become an icon within the fantastic genre within Netflix. The second season of fiction starring Henry Cavill saw the light at the beginning of this month of December and a third installment is already on the way. The production of these new episodes has leveled up, but so has the salary of its protagonist, which has doubled.

The Geralt de Rivia universe is as wide as its characters, sets and stories. Creating a series that meets audience expectations is almost as difficult as finding the perfect lead, and Netflix seems to have found it with Cavill. Therefore, and to prevent the interpreter from migrating to other more economically succulent projects, the streaming platform has raised his salary considerably. Can you imagine how much?

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As reported Variety, Cavill charged $ 400,000 for each episode during the filming of the first season of The Witcher, which represents a total turnover of 3.2 million dollars. On the other hand, in this second season the amount has risen notably and, according to reveals The Hollywood Reporter, the previous Superman has won more than one million dollars for each of the eight episodes of this new installment.

Increasingly, actors and actresses who are part of television projects have very competitive salaries compared to those they can get paid by making a film. This latest report would rank Cavill among the highest paid actors. On the Celebrity Networth platform, this list is headed by actor Robert Downey Jr., who hopes to receive at least 2 million dollars per episode of the future series The Sympathizer, a title of HBO which he will star in and produce himself, but which has no confirmed release date yet.

Other companions who follow in the footsteps of Cavill or the old Iron Man are the protagonists of the sequel to Sex in New York, which airs a weekly new episode on HBO MAX, or members of the ostentatious fictional family of Succession, also from the same ‘streaming’ platform, and which has already been renewed for a fourth installment.

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