‘The Witcher’ will mark a ‘Game of Thrones’ in season 3, but they have no excuse and the fans are rabid

Netflix dares to continue pissing off its subscribers at the worst moment: an unfulfilled promise infuriates the fans of one of its star series.

It was one of Netflix’s star series, but the ambitious production The Witcher faces a difficult stage in the prelude to the season 3. The new installment of the fantasy series will debut on the streaming platform next summer -still without a specific date- and one thing is clear: it will be the last in which Henry Cavill plays the protagonist of the story Geralt de Rivia. Which It is not so clear if, finally, he will bet on his return to the original version of the story or if, on the contrary, he will continue to move away from Sapkowski’s work.

While ‘showrunner’ Lauren S. Hissrich said he had “listened to the fans” and his statements seemed to ensure that the team intended to return to the books in season 3, the latest statements from Graeme Marshall, VFX producer of The Witcherhave set off the alarms of the fans of the work.

In a recent interview with ScreenRant which has already been echoed by a lot of media, Marshall disassociates himself from Hissrich’s statements and ensures that in season 3 elements never seen or read in the lore of The Witcher: “[The Witcher] is different to The Last of Us, where the first chapter is the beginning of the game. With this series, in my opinion, We have a lot of freedom to stick with certain parts while looking to explore others.”

With Season 3, we’re in the middle of delivering the last two episodes and it’s great. I don’t think it’s something that anyone has read or seen before in the history of ‘The Witcher,’ so I think it will be exciting.

Thus, it seems that despite the advances made previously The Witcher It will continue to distance itself from the fantasy literary saga, despite the complaints of its fans and it is also said that from Henry Cavill himself, who had assured in the past that he would continue to be linked to the series as long as the original material was respected by the one who felt so much affection and respect. C.hen Season 2 drifted off the books and Henry Cavill announced his departure, rumors quickly pointed out that this and no other had been the main reason.

Moving away from the original material, especially when it is a most beloved work, it is a significant risk. And if not, tell the ‘showrunners’ of Game of Thrones, who, as of the sixth season, had to separate the paths of the HBO series and the work of George RR Martin of which it was an adaptation. However, in the case of David Benioff and DB Weiss They had no other choice: the series had reached the pace of the books and could not wait for the author to publish his new novel. Now with perspective, despite the complaints about the final stretch, it has become clear that they made the right decision. The first season outside the books premiered in 2016 and today, almost 7 years later, Martin still hasn’t published winter winds.

In the case of the team The WitcherHowever, there is no reason for it beyond his own will. Something that has completely pissed off many of his followers and you only need to take a little tour of Twitter to verify it.

In fact, it is worth remembering that, while Cavill’s rejection is just a rumor based on his previous statements and his subsequent actions, one of the writers of the series, Beau DeMayo, did speak loud and clear about it: “Some of the writers really disliked the books and video games and even made fun of the source material.”

One of the reasons for the monumental anger is precisely that Lauren S. Hissrich had promised otherwise. “I have listened to the fans. And the third season largely shows that return to the books, following the incredible journeys of Sapkowski’s characters with our protagonists,” she promised last December 2022 in an Instagram post. “I’m very excited for people to see her and for her to feel heard.”

The secret weapon of ‘The Witcher’ to ensure that fans do not flee after the departure of Henry Cavill

We will have to wait until summer to see what happens, but, for now, what is certain is that Netflix continues to bet heavily on the blockbuster and that, far from canceling the series without its protagonist, it has quickly guaranteed a fourth season with Liam Hemsworth picking up Geralt of Rivia’s witness.