The world of Sons of the Forest will be much bigger than its previous installment, and the best thing is that “everything is more detailed” – Sons of the Forest

If you like survival video games, you probably have Sons of the Forest in your bedroom, a work developed by Endnight Games. Unfortunately this title should have hit the market many months ago, but delays are part of this industry, and fortunately next month will be here.

“On scale alone, the world is about 4 times the size of The Forest”

Gamesradar recently had a chat with the developers of The Forest and they left exciting details about the sequel: “Only in scale, the world is about 4 times the size of The Forest”, although they have made it clear that “everything is more detailed this time.” All this implies that there will be “more variety of plants and trees, more types of trunks and much more.”

The developers put various examples: “Visually when you craft items, for example a Molotov cocktail, you actually see the player take some cloth and put it in a vodka bottle. When you put a log on a wall or cut a floor, you see the player do it. We wanted it to this felt like him ultimate survival simulator coupled with a terrifying game of survival”.

More details of The Forest

Sons of the Forest

Recently, a gameplay was published that showed an additional companion that will help us with the more routine tasks. We already know that the experience will be more than terrifying. We will can arm ourselves with firearms and bladed weapons thanks to new ways of manufacturing and others that we already know from the first part. Everything can be discovered on February 23.